As Yogis it is our responsibility
to be in touch with
the calm mind the peaceful
heart and protecting arms
and kind lips; obtain peace now.

The final savasana concluding every yoga class is meant
to be a meditative practice where we can gain the above
or hold on to the above, keep peace now.

Meditation trains us to be an
independent thinker. Independent so we can rise above
the nonsensical rhetoric that can at times be a constant
garage on our ears and mind.

GET engaged with life.
Don’t grumble without action.
Learn to be aware of all that is
around you.
Learn to listen beyond the din.
Learn how powerful and
empowering it is to be in this now moment.
We have two meditation classes to date.
Heart Cleaning 
and Sunday’s 5:30pm
Interactive meditation class.

In this time when there is so much rhetoric on ridiculous
topics let us not add water to these seeds. Our conversation
is water. Let us not be distracted by the greater issues that
insanity can dust over.

Take all the problems and concerns that you might have
about people who will be making your decisions in reference
to the above issues reiterated as earth, children, kindness and
peace. Once you have gathered them bring them into the place
of quiet deep inside you. The place of Sacred will dissolve the
anxiety or upset that you have regarding these issues. It will
bring you back to the call of inner action which when you follow
it will lead you to a place of creating movement in outer action, in
a way that is right and good for you and others. Lead Peace now.

This call may ask you to call your Senator or Congressman.
This call may ask you to listen without emotion to ideas
that work against the above and let the Universal Power diffuse
the intended action. Whatever way you are directed let it be an inward
direction. This inward direction has a method which sifts out the
distractions of skirmishes and focus on the heart of Loving.

The only call to action we  can do
is realize that There is NOTHING
more POWERFUL than the DIVINE.
That is why it is DIVINE.
When we invite the Divine in our
everyday life , not only will our
life change but the lives of others
will also be lifted up.

Let us all become Earth Lover,
Baby Protector, Peace Mother and
Kindness Generator.
Be involved with life not madness
by reigning in your mind from
silly issues overload to focus on the real issues.
BE Peace Now.

never steer you wrong.