Upon entering the DreamFairytale Workshop
of Sean Kramer , one sees a serene long
bearded man sitting in repose.

Near him are his dream
tools. Which one he will employ is still open until all attendees are in place. We gather around in a circle sitting in a way that is comfortable for us.
Once we are all in place he has decided to hand us a drawing board. It does not matter how well we can draw. It does not matter
that we even know what we are going to draw. The crayon , pastel, pen or pencil in our hand will lead us.

This is the beginning of DreamsFairytales Workshop. It is the
entry into the mystery of our Spirit breaking through the dark glass
of our ego. Sean allows this to flow so we are all successful in
seeing the vision of light , from our dream, our favorite fairy tale or
current story fizzle away the shadows and leave us with clarity.
We enter the dream or fairytale and listen again to what the selected character has to say. Someone else will enter as a character
and ask you questions. Exploring the context in this way is amazingly informative as well as fun and safe.

Come each month to the workshop.Create
 a new life enhancing ritual. 

Registration is not mandatory but certainly most
helpful so Sean can have the materials needed.
And so he can wait for you, holding the sacred space.
Be sure to come. Once a month, bring only yourself, yourself and
a dream or a fairytale.