creativity in yoga

Creativity in Yoga

Why is creativity in Yoga so important? Isn’t yoga a disciplined practice?
Yes. Yoga is very disciplined, but the truth is that in discipline I find the freedom.
Freedom yields creativity. Why? Because freedom is liberation, liberation from
our fears, aka our ego. They are one in the same. Fear creates a closed mind.

A yoga practice consists first of the intention. It is in this intention
that we first need to use our imagination to find the creativity in yoga.
Even if the intention is a simple as I want to have less pain or have less aches
in my body, one must first convert the intention into a positive statement,
thus using a bit of imagination or creativity. Restated the intention would be:
I want to be flexible, carefree with my body.

Sometimes just coming to a yoga class for the first time fosters creativity.
I must think differently about a way to treat anxiety, physical limitations, etc.

Now I  am in the yoga class. I learn the basic postures, basic body
alignment. But there are some things I cannot do. Enter Creativity in Yoga.
I use a prop. Now I can do the asana with a prop. When my body adjusts
I can eliminate the prop. But in reality it is our mind that adjusts. I see the
pose is now do-able. I let go of fear of entering the asana, I let go of fear
of making the body  worse. I begin to change the negative thinking into
positive. Positivity  eliminates resistance and where there is
no resistance there is room for creativity.
I become
bolder. I create new methods in yoga; I create new postures.

(After all Yoga began with about more than 7,000 postures, students were
taught 700. Are the numbers true? It is just to let us know that the asanas
can be  unlimited. And what we are taught is only a small part of our practice.)

So what’s next? As a yogi I learn all students are both teachers and students
of yoga, just as all teachers are students and teachers of yoga. So the next
step is to create a posture or create a routine that is more helpful to liberation
and more helpful to flexibility and more helpful to peace of mind. After all
creativity in Yoga is all about finding peace of mind, the peace that transcends
all aspects of my life, not just studio and mat time.

If I remember that the yoga mat is my universe, I can imagine
my mat being under me all the time. This allows me to practice,
practice, and practice. I learn more about cooperation and how
it does eliminate resistance and opens me to creativity, thinking in
a new way. After all, not just I, but all of us, were placed here to learn
from one another. We are here not to focus on what is wrong but to
focus on what is right.

Creativity allows this change of mind. What is right will always
foster Peace and diminish anxiety. Creativity in Yoga; is a must.

We are taught so many postures in yoga but what can result is the creation
of more and more postures ( asanas) . This is how Bob, came to develop
Revolutionary Yoga, Denise came to develop  Groundwork Yoga, and
Evalyn came to deisgn Cyclist and Hikers/Runners Yoga. Creativity,
unbounded ideas, unlimited body movement.

Stretch the mind and then stretch the body, live in creativity
in yoga.