Complete Yoga Beginner?

Complete Yoga Beginner?

complete beginner?

Are you  a complete yoga beginner?
Never tried yoga and want to?
Are you just curious about yoga?

First of all you do not need to place
your foot behind your ear in order to
do yoga. No public class will ever
ask you to do this, especially if
you are a complete yoga beginner.

The most important thing in yoga
is to learn to breathe. Most people
either exercise with shallow breath
or hold their breath when they are
stressed and facing anxiety.

Breathing detoxifies your body of toxins.
 Get rid of the toxins of Carbon Dioxide.

Breathing releases tension by not producing
the corticol steroids used to flee or fight.
These human hormones are released
when ever you are in conflict , whether
you know you are in conflict or not.
A complete yoga beginner needs to learn how to

Increased oxygen brings clarity to the mind.
Deep breathing reduces stress of emotions
by placing us in the present and leaving
the past hurts and future anxieties by
the wayside.

Breathing relieves pain by reducing
the tension around the injured parts
of the body.

Breathing works the organs,
strengthens the heart and lungs, and
improves the metabolism of the body.

The second most important element
for a complete yoga beginner
to remember is Yoga works on
correcting your posture.
The asana or posture pose will help
you be sure that your shoulders move
over your hips and your hips move over
your knees and your your knees move
over your ankles.
The asanas ( postures) will work on
relaxing and stretching the muscles
that are tight and weak and
prevent the body from standing or
sitting properly.

Read how yoga can help your posture.

What will you need to attend one of our
yoga classes?

Tell your teacher that
you never did yoga

An open mind. We can provide the rest.
Wear clothes that stretch with your body.
Wear clothes that do not need a belt.
We have mats for loan. We have props.
So just come and try it today.

In some of our classes you will not
need to know the sanskrit names
for poses. You will see a demonstration
and sometimes even a step by step
move instruction on what to do.
Here is a list of those classes for
a complete yoga beginner:
Restorative Yoga
Classical Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Hip Pranayama 
3S Salutation
Revolutionary Yoga on Monday Evening.
for Revolutionary Yoga attend the Intro then the class
that follows.
Runners Hikers Yoga
Rehab yoga

These would be great classes
to try if you have never been
in a yoga class before.

For a Complete yoga beginner
the class teaches you how to breathe.
It teaches you how to correct
rather than compensate.
It teaches you how to relax.
Why not try it today?

Still have questions?  Contact evalyn .