Cleaning Studio

More Time than Treasure? Then help us maintain the studio.

1 – Vacuum yoga and waiting room carpets with upright vacuum stored behind the sign-in desk.

2 – Sweep waiting room floor with broom and dustpan located behind desk.  Then wash this floor with warm water and a half cup of vinegar.  Bucket, vinegar and rags are under the desk.  Get warm water from spigot in women’s room down the hall.

3 – Dust or damp cloth table and chairs in waiting room and desk and bench top as needed.  Use windex and paper towels to clean glass doors and waiting room mirrors as needed

4 – Tidy up props and put heaters in corners.  Water plants by window with cool water from spigot in women’s room. Please remove the wooden dow in the cactus  and if the tip is bone dry then add one  to two dixie cups of water to the  cactus .

5 – If trash basket is full, take garbage bag to the dumpster behind the building on the far right of parking lot and install new garbage bag stored behind the desk.

6 – Add water to Brita water jug from gallon jug as needed.  Fill gallon jug as needed from spigot in women’s room.  Add cups to top of water table as needed.

7 – Windex studio door glass, interior windows of studio.