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Vanessa Sychak

June 10 @ 9:58 am

Vanessa Sychak

Vanessa Lee Sychak
is a certified
Rolfing Structural
and Himalayan
Certified 200
hour Hatha Yoga
and Meditation Instructor.

Vanessa began her journey into wellness in 1997 in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. There she began meditating and studying Eastern philosophy.

In 2001, she moved to Boston and then discovered the healing propeties of yoga. As a rolling stone who gathered no moss Tyler Art School attracted her  to Philadelphia. Her art became a creative experession of  the abstract works surrounding the concept of consciousness explored the nature of physical reality. As art was active in her life it led her to new paths when in 2013 she rediscovered her love of yoga. This began a new journey of  healing moving her to a new passion.

Vanessa Sychak completed training in Hatha yoga and meditation at The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science a year later. She did not hesitate to teach yoga in the Philadelphia area. There she incorporated Reiki  in her classes. Inspired by her Reiki master studio owner she became certified.

Vanessa worked with private clients who were primarily looking for ways to cope with injuries and with stress. However , she wanted to be involved in  long-lasting change. She expanded her studies to incorporate Thai massage and increased her hands-on ability. This calling was so strong that Vanessa traveled to  Thailand . It was there that she  studied authentic Thai massage and healing. She even moved to live in Thailand for a 18 months.
A desire to increase her knowledge of anatomy and body systems led her to seek  a modality that had a strong discipline in anatomy and a track record of lasting change. It was Rolfing. She returned to the states and moved to Colorado and began  training in Structural Integration.

In December Vanessa Sychak returns to her roots in  New Hampshire. She is excited to open her practice to the community of Portsmouth, NH  and share the love she has  for self-healing and conscious exploration.

Credentials are : Rolfing Structural Integrator, Thai Bodyworker, Tibetan Reiki level II Certified, and 200 hour Hatha yoga Certified through the Himalayan Institute.


June 10, 2024
9:58 am