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Instructor Tom Sorrentino RMPr.

June 12 @ 6:35 pm

Deep Stretch Vinyasa Yoga


Instructor Tom  Sorrentino RM Pr.

came to the practice of Yoga like many others as a way to create strength and suppleness in the body of  Yoga Instructor Tom Sorrentino. He started a practice that has since called him to go deeper. He realized he  was merely “dipping his toe” into the real benefit of Yoga which happens off the mat. Once introduced to Ashtanga, Tom Sorrentino decided to commit to a daily Yoga practice by attending Mysore and indeed go deeper.

Tom began to see a significant individual transformation in : personality adjustments, altered dispositions, and growth in a spiritual joy. Instructor Tom Sorrentino is quoted saying “I always had this joy in my heart. I had it as a young boy. Life distracted me from it. I needed to uncover it. “

The daily practice helped Yoga instructor Tom Sorrentino become conscious of his breath once he was on the mat; he could choose to take this awareness off the mat as well.  He could now sit, calmly, working at his vocation in a volatile financial market. This was the beginning of bringing yoga off the mat. Tom wanted to feel that peace he experienced on the mat, off the mat, and at least during some, if not, the most part of the day.

Yoga instructor Tom Sorrentino RM Pr. says “ I did not get Yoga; Yoga got me.” There on the mat he was able to let go of his self and his surroundings. He was alone with his breath and with no thought. Here the meditation began and begins. The yoga process helped him to listen to his breathing with no interfering thoughts. He felt lightness in the pose. When on the mat he reached deeper not out of wonting but out of desire to know his Self.  He hears the direction, either internal or sometimes appearing from his own instructor to move differently, easier, relinquishing fear when he comes to the edge and going past it without harm.

In the year 2000 when he began practicing Yoga, he approached Yoga as an external exercise. He equated it with a fitness program. He has since realized the fitness training is for the mind first. The body will follow.  It was when Tom Sorrentino felt this serenity in the practice, found his inner being connection in Ashtanga, that he moved to sharing the practice by teaching. It is not so much by what he imparts with his verbal directions, but what he imparts with his Spirit speaking to other Spirits who enter his class. He has a hands on approach in class and often will adjust the student for a more gratifying pose.   Tom Sorrentino says    “At the start of the class I am instructor, they are the student. At the end of the class, we are equals.”

Tom was atuned as a Reiki Master in October 2001 on the  vortex of Boynton Canyon  in Sedonna AZ. He is a practioner and teams with another Reiki Master (RM) for teaching. He worked with Hospice, and late stage illness and when combined with other healers had miraculous effects. He is, now, occasionally  leading the energy healing circle on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening after his Beginner Ashtanga class.


June 12, 2024
6:35 pm