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katy Allen

June 13 @ 8:28 am

Katy Allen

Though Katy spent a short childhood jaunt in South Carolina, she feels like a New Englander at heart. She considers herself a generalist- finding passion for the richness of life in its many forms; she is an explorer, an artist, a singer, a writer, a yogi, a permaculturist, a best friend, and a deep lover of humankind all at once. She feels a profound commitment to inspiring harmony and integration with the earth; lately she has been taking time to cultivate a “deep listening” in the natural landscape- a concept she discovered reading Rumi’s mystic poetry. This is a deep listening to the patterns and subtle callings of Pachamama, perhaps noticed in haunting howl of frigid winter wind, or the gentle hum of crickets who buz at sundown and hold the landscape in a sweet embrace. She’s finding you can learn more depth of wisdom from an hour in the company of one tree, than many moons taking notes.


Her yoga practice began 12 years ago, when Katy was only 11. The lure of an afternoon spent in meditative movement drew her in better than whatever the other 11 year olds were up to after school. Since then her practice has transformed to include forays into Kundalini, Bikram, Yin, Forrest, Hatha, and Vinyasa styles. She received her 200-hour teacher training with School Yoga Institute in Lake Atitlan Guatemala in August 2015, where she is grateful to have been in immersed in a style that cultivates and celebrates the spiritual connection that is yoga. This training was unique in its integration of Mayan and Peruvian Shamanic traditions. Katy’s classes aim to guide students into greater union- of mind body and spirit, so they leave feeling refreshed with a greater connection to the heart center and the teacher within.


June 13, 2024
8:28 am