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Facilitator Bob Vaccaro

June 13 @ 7:07 am

yoga for seniors, lymphs and everyone else

 Bob Vaccaro


Bob Vaccaro, instructor and founder of Yoga by Donation started teaching yoga in 1993 after completing Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist training. He  taught the 26-posture Bikram sequence because that is what he practiced daily as part of the Phoenix Rising program.  Bob Vaccaro was able to heat the studio he owned, at that time, to about 90 degrees. He loved the 26 posture sequence of Bikram. But it lacked sarvangasana (shoulder stands)  and adho mukha svanasana (downward dog platforms). He wanted to have more of a variety in the class.

A  mentor invited Bob Vaccaro to study the Ashtanga Primary Sequence with him. Bob jumped at the opportunity. He enjoyed the new sequencing and flow. He was so enthused that he began to teach Ashtanga Primary Sequence. Ahstanga had the variety and vigorousness aspect that Bob Vaccaro found to be perfectly suited to him. As Bob approached his 50th birthday he found that he was becoming very stiff within an hour or two after completing the Primary Sequence. The inner message Bob gleaned from this experience was to  develop a more gentle practice.  Bob needed  a gentler workout. He also had a desire for a complete and thorough workout.  Bob then  began to add circular movements to simpler and gentler postures. Years after refining this practice the name Revolutionary Yoga became the monacher for his highly developed yoga practice. This practice is  suitable for all levels. The practice  moves can be moved  thru gentle to moderate intensity depending upon the students level of study.

Preparations to Teach Yoga
Bob Vaccaro started practicing yoga in 1984. It was later that he  began preparing for a new career focus. After studying group counseling and meditation, he earned certifications as a Psychosynthesis Counselor, a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner (for individuals and groups), an Integral Yoga Teacher, and a Yogassage Practitioner.
In 2008, Bob completed a certification training in Laughter Yoga and also trainings in Living on Live Foods with Alissa Cohen.  More recently, in 2015, Bob completed a 9-week training at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, resulting in a certification as a Hippocrates Health Educator. This last training has given him tools which he is looking forward to share with anyone interested in extraordinary health.

After teaching 5,000 hours of yoga classes, Bob has been a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher(RYT 500) level since 2002.

“Why I Teach Revolutionary Yoga?”
Perhaps due to an early childhood injury and 20 years of jogging, the arthritic symptoms Bob Vaccaro developed in his hips resisted treatment from a wide array of medical and energy healers. However, these symptoms responded favorably to the style of yoga he developed over the past 10 years. Emotional well-being allows for physical healing. To Bob Vaccaro, this is a strong spiritual calling. Bob says “I love yoga because it works for me on many levels. Over and over, I hear students declare profound physical benefits and shifts in the way they feel and the way they live. I love that several students  have become successful yoga teachers.”


June 13, 2024
7:07 am