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Tame Your Anxiety with Yoga , with Meditation

A huge cause for Anxiety- reverse it! Tame it! One simple way More and more people are telling me they cannot wait for the election to be over because the anxiety they feel is getting to be too much: restless nights, little sleep, too much sleep, irritable moods....

How To Participate in a Live Online Class

How To Participate in a Live Online Class

   Click on class. Click on "Register"  and an email will be generated. add the name or time of class, hit send. You will be emailed the link. That simple.  See below for more information.Go to the monthly schedule. A blue colored block  denotes a class that is in...

Rule of Law and Yoga

Rule of Law and Yoga Rule of Law and Yoga: How they are related.First we need to understand the term Rule of law. Once this is understood Rule of law and Yoga relationship will be fully understood. Rule of law is a set formula of “if this then that”.  When the rule of...

My Experience with Rolfing: Liberating

I went to the Embodiment Workshop in December at YbD. This class was led by Vanessa Seychak. As a result I decided to have a first time session with her regarding rolfing. I had recently sprained a few mucsles in my back and thought I might seek some relief or hasten...

Dream Workshop, what an experience!

  Upon entering the DreamFairytale Workshopof Sean Kramer , one sees a serene longbearded man sitting in repose. Near him are his dream tools. Which one he will employ is still open until all attendees are in place. We gather around in a circle sitting in a way that...

Thanksgiving when established when changed

Thanksgiving when established when changed

Thanksgiving when established when changed. Most elementary level students are familiar with the story of the "First Thanksgiving" , but we ask Thanksgiving when established when changed?  Students learned that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. To...

One Kundalini Teacher’s Experience

One Kundalini Teacher’s Experience

Lana Bluege teaches the Kundalini Class at YbD every Monday evening at 7pm. She recently offered a one time class last Tuesday while subbing for Tom’s class. Because we are Yoga by Donation various groups reach out to us to do on-site yoga classes. The Berwick Library...

Time to Wear your Conviction

Yoga by Donation will be entering its 10th year. So it is Time to Wear Your Conviction. As a way to celebrate and tell others about our community supportive and supported organization, we will be  offering Tee shirts with a YbD logo. We have offered so much and...

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