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Be Present NOW!
Presence Meditation/Experience with

Erica Rock at Yoga by Donation on the 4th weds of each month from 8-9
Doors open at 7:50 P.M.
Grace Blessing Giver, Author and Creator of the Awakening into Oneness Global Experiment. Erica is permanently in a state of Presence she can bring you into this state
and teach you to do the same

What would your life be like if you could move from stress to wisdom in seconds?
Work and live with a quiet mind?

Eckhart Tolle speaks of this state in his bestselling book, “The Power of Now”
Eckhart had a life changing experience, a shift of consciousness where the illusion of separation ended and he became Present.

There is a new phenomena that is sweeping the world with a training called
Presence Healing.

When you are in Presence it is like entering a state of Grace, you feel safe, peaceful, open, expanded.  You are not in any resistance when you are in Presence and if your not in any resistance you are free to create the Life you desire without attachment.

Presence is a revolutionary method that brings focus and mental clarity.
It improves decision making, reduces stress, and brings health, vitality and joy.

In this event Erica will bring the group into “Presence” or a silent mind state of peace.
Many people report that after being brought deep into “Presence” the effects last for 24 hours and for some people up to 2 solid weeks.  This is an experiential event, if you want to learn the methods to go into Presence please inquire about the 2 day Presence training.

All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio per a previous agreement. 

This event is by donation and you MUST pre-register by emailing to Erica@ericarock.com.   A Presence Meditation program download is available at the conclusion of class so you may enter Presence at any time and that is 30.00.  For more info please visit: http://ericarock.com/presence-sessions/or call Erica at 603-512-3865 .










Couples Massage Class


  When?— Sunday June 29

 Where?--Right here at YBD

 WHO?--Taught by YBD instructor Ed Marshall

Ed is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with 15 years of experience including teaching massage at Hesser College

 What ?-----The class is designed to teach couples how to give and receive a GREAT Swedish Massage with an emphasis on the more romantic aspects of touch.

This class is rated PG. However, there will often be

mature subject matters discussed in an educational and lighthearted way.          

Information on both modern and ancient ‘Mood Enhancing ‘ materials and techniques will be offered. Couples may remain decently clothed at all times.

Comfortable clothing is to be worn that allows access to as much skin as you choose to expose.

Example-----ladies----loose fitting gym shorts and sports bra, or two piece bathing suit.

Bring your sense of humor. I’m certainly bringing mine. This is a FUN class !!!!

All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio per a previous agreement.  



As a GREAT gift to their respective mates, a team of two wives- or two husbands --are welcome to take the class and bring home all the new skills and information that they leaned.  A great Valentine’s NIGHT surprise!!!


******This class is by Donation******


Please use the sign up sheet

    Questions?? Please contact me at NHMASS@AOL.COM

Or 603-382-0399

 Ed Marshall –LMT, CH, RMT, ETC







             ADAPTIVE YOGA  Workshop


 DATE:  Fourth Sunday of the month,        

 TIME:  1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

 LOCATION:  Yoga By Donation (above Portsmouth Health on Congress St.)

                      Find the entrance from the parking lot in back. Go up the stairs

                      or use the elevator.

All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio on this class only per a previous agreement.  

 WHO IS THIS FOR?   Anyone with a medical condition that effects movement, balance or stamina may participate - with physician release for light exercise.  Instructor Deb Levine has advanced training in yoga for people who may require individualized modifications and attention in a group setting.

 WHAT TO EXPECT:  This workshop will include breathwork, affirmations linked with simple postures, use of props, as needed ( including chairs, blocks, straps and the wall for additional support and stability),  writing/discussion, and deep relaxation.

 WHAT TO BRING:  Your own yoga mat or light blanket (mats are available at the studio, if you need to borrow one), a water bottle and an open mind.

 HOW TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP:   Email dlevine12@yahoo.com by Saturday 3 p.m. Include your name and anything that you wish to share to help Deb be aware of your needs and interests.   Pre-registration is required.  Class size is limited to 8 participants. Deb will email confirmation by Saturday, 10:00 p.m.

 QUESTIONS?   Leave a message at 603-205-4073 for Deborah Levine, M.Ed., Adv. Kripalu & Adaptive Yoga Instructor.









Prenatal Yoga

for Moms-to-be and their Partners

 with Evalyn Sorrentino

on all Tuesdays from 4p.m. to 5.15p.m.

preparation and breath

help baby soul, mama soul

and papa soul all connect

For more info email Evalyn at HealingSong45@aol.com







                Be Deliberate with Your Life

Constellations Workshop
In these workshops, participants uncover the dynamics in their families that contribute to illness, depression, anxiety, struggling relationships and stressed finances. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.

Yoga by Donation , above the Portsmouth Health Food store.
147 Congress St. Suite C, Portsmouth , NH

upon interest

This Hellinger-style Constellations workshop will be facilitated by Evalyn Sorrentino, who certified and trained  intensively under Jane Peterson of Oregon and Jan Hull in Vancouver. For more information, Evalyn can be reached at HealingSong45@aol.com.

Take the opportunity to have a constellation  at what you can afford.
Constellation fee is  usually $120 but this workshop is by donation.


Grace Blessings with Erica Rock

~ Happiness, Freedom & Enlightenment

 at Yoga by Donation, Portsmouth NH

  Every second Wednesday of the month, 8- 9 p.m. 
 Doors open at 7:50  p.m.
The class is by donation.  However, there is a fee for the e-book and materials

which are requied for class participation.
All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio per a previous agreement.  

Pre-registration Required - with Erica at 603-512-3865 or erica@ericarock.com

(Erica will only run this class if there are sufficient registrants, so please register)

Receive Initiations to Enlightenment~Get Happy~Get Empowered!

Wake up the Divine Intelligence within you. Learn how to access it, what to expect in the process, how to allow it to be easier & enjoy it to the max! Experience a flowering of consciousness without work. You will receive initiations to enlightenment. Once the Divine Presence is walking this planet as you, once you are in the flow of life that supplies all wants and needs, creating the life you want is fun, easy, joyful and exciting. Suffering, conflict and struggle cease. Synchronicities become commonplace as you rendezvous with who and what you want in perfect timing. You will become unsinkable as you experience the presence within as a close friend and confidant. You will awaken to your true self and once you awaken you become a force for awakening the rest of humanity.


Grace Blessings are different, so you cannot compare it to anything else.  For example, your crown, third eye, and other chakras will open and balance, but we won't discuss, think about, or work on your chakras. Issues will resolve that you didn't work on. You won't work on anything in this class.  Upon awakening, issues and limitations fall away, gradually for some, rapidly for others.

You do your 10%, Grace does 90% of it for you. You learn to let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Grace Blessings activate / deepens spiritual enlightenment, reconnects & upgrades your DNA, lights up your light body, wakes up your full power, ignites your inner genius and resolves your "issues".   We humorously refer to it as getting on the automatic upgrade program of spiritual awakening. Once it begins, it keeps unfolding like a beautiful lotus. 


The energy exchange for this event is BY DONATION.  However, there is an E-book that is STRONGLY required and accompanies this work, without it you may not understand what is happening to you and the transition can be more challenging as the mind tends to fight to the end!  For $12, you will be e-mailed the E-book when you arrive and register for this workshop.  Or, for $14.95, you can obtain the printed version at class.


Bio: Erica Rock was in silent communion with the Presence speaking to no other human being.  She received a gift:  the ability to give Divine Grace to others to awaken, heal, resolve psychological issues & end suffering.  The energy that comes through her frees the body, mind, emotions & spirit. For more info please visit her website, www.ericarock.com


with Deb Levine

 1st and 3rd Sunday  from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
 Format includes movement, drawing, collage,

affirmations, chant, journaling and self-exploration.   

All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio on this class only per a previous agreement. 
pre register by 3pm Saturday by emailing 
Deb @   dlevine12@yahoo.com. She will confirm by 10 pm Saturday.
You may register for the entire series or, with Deb's permission, attend any one workshop on its own.



Susan Morgan

of the Mystic Dream Center


 Shamanic Dreamwork: Understanding Dreams
as the Gateway of the Soul

When:  Every second Tuesday of the Month, 7:00 - 8:45 pm
(Please pre-register by 8 p.m. Monday 
 by email  susan@mysticdreamcenter.com or phone
at 860-536-3050 )

Yoga by Donation, Portsmouth NH

Cost:  By Donation
All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio per a previous agreement.  

Whether you are an experienced dreamer who vividly remembers your dreams or someone who is challenged in recalling any dreams, come learn the ancient art of Dream Reading and harvest the guidance and healing your dreams bring you nightly.  This is powerful and fun!  We all dream, every night, whether we remember or not.

In these workshops, you will learn how to read your own dreams.  You'll also learn a quick technique for accessing dreams and why you will never want to read a dream dctionary again.  Bring a notebook or a dream journal if you have one, and your sense of adventure.

Susan Morgan is a certified dream teacher, shamanic practitioner, holistic healer, visual artist, writer and host of the TV show:  The Mystic Dream Center.  She is also Native American and the founder of the Mystic Dream Center, and teaches dreamwork skills to both individuals and groups.  For more information,  check out her web site:  www.mysticdreamcenter.com.

Live Foods!
Introduction to Foods that are Healthy, Tasty,  

Easy-to-prepare and Emotionally Satisfying


Bob Vaccaro Testimonial (see student testimonials over):


Though I have been mostly vegan for over 30 years, I have depended on an extensive yoga practice for the last 15 of those years to keep body stiffness at bay.  In the Fall of November, 2007, I completed Alissa Cohen’s 5-day intensive training for living on live foods and shifted from eating perhaps 50% raw plant-based foods to close to 100%.  I can hardly believe how much better I feel!   I am offering this introductory class out of my enthusiasm for how good this living on live foods can be for so much of what ails us and our planet.  


When we cook plant-based foods, we destroy their digestion-enhancing enzymes and many important vitamins and we dilute their naturally great tastes.  We over-eat easily on cooked (and processed) foods because our bodies hunger for the nutrition that is lost in the cooking.   It is much harder to over-eat live foods because our bodies know at a deep level when we have taken in sufficient nutrition.


The purpose of this 4-hour workshop is to introduce you to how easy it can be to prepare several live dishes that are also delicious and emotionally satisfying.  You will leave feeling the health benefits and wanting to expand your live foods intake.


I offer this workshop on most second Saturdays of the month, from noon - 4 pm, at my home at 411 Middle Street in Portsmouth (carriage house door at top of the driveway).  The fee for this workshop including food is BY DONATION.  Please pre-register by emailing me at bob@yogabydonation.org or by calling my home at 603-430-4013. Arrive hungry – prepared to sample the foods we prepare!

Live Foods Student Testimonials:  

“Bob’s presentation of raw foods was an inspirational beginning for me.  The food is delicious and simple to make.  I know this is a change in my diet that my body will love.”   Karin Anderson


“The best four fours I’ve spent.  Bob’s demonstration was inspiring, motivating and showed how easy it is to transform your eating habits.”   Olive McRae


“The foods Bob offered were absolutely delicious, nourishing, and surprisingly easy to prepare.  I am very motivated to prepare my food this way!  Thank you for a great afternoon and for sharing this wonderful information!”  Gail Wingate


“Bob’s class on raw foods is a culinary experience as well as the nourishment our bodies need!  It was so good we hope he will open a raw foods restaurant in Portsmouth.  We leave with good tastes and vitality.”  Elizabeth Coleman


“I learned how easy it is to prepare raw foods, and was pleasantly astounded by the delicious taste of each dish.”   Joe Barrett


“Great variety of foods that all tasted delicious!  Thanks, Bob, for motivating me to delve more into this enzyme-rich healthy food!  Can’t wait to start preparing some of this on my own.  Thanks to Alissa, too!”  Diane Crosser


“It was a very interesting, fun and delicious tasting, cooking presentation.  The variety of dips to desserts was amazing.  A great culinary experience to be recommended.”   Hanna Eldredge


“The class is awesome!  I love the raw foods. The health benefits have already been beneficial to me.  I will be back to take the next class.  Good job Bob!”   Joe Dobek


“I loved the natural colors of the foods, nothing is destroyed and everything was gourmet delicious.”   Diane Knight-Mohr


“I came into the class thinking that this was about salads.  I am leaving with a better understanding of how delicious and interesting raw foods can be.  I will be able to incorporate this into my life!”  Clarke Beaudry


“This introduction to raw foods was a wonderful and tasty exploration of food combinations and flavors.  Thank you.”  Lisa Schwarz


“I highly recommend Bob’s raw food course.  He prepared a wide variety of very delicious and highly nutritious meals and introduced me to the basic concepts of “going raw” – it was really eye opening!  Anyone interested in being healthier should take this course!”  Amy Pollard


“I was amazed by the variety of types and tastes of food I experienced in the class. I can’t wait to start incorporating them into my life.”  Sandy Beaudry


“Wow, I came to the class not sure what to expect and now I’m going to dramatically change my diet!  The dishes Bob prepared were easy and fast to prepare, and delicious.  I’ll recommend this class to all my friends who are interested in eating healthier.”  Tim Stone


Yoga for Recovery
2nd Sunday  

with Deb Levine

An exploration of the links between Eastern Philosophy
and 12-Step Programs

Format includes centering/meditation, postures linked
with affirmations, journaling and group discussion

All welcome by donation
All donations are split 50/50 with the teacher and with the Studio on this class only per a previous agreement.  

  from 1:30 - 3:30 pm 

Note:  Though not a 12-step meeting, this class will help you make connections between a yoga practice, philosophy or life style and personal recovery from any addiction or preoccupation.

Pre-register by Saturday 3 p.m. via
dlevine12@yahoo.com  or for more information 


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