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Instructor Denise Inacio


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Yoga Instructor Denise Inacio

a  500 RYT Instructor  began her yoga  practice in 2006 , in a gym, she heard the call. The first yoga class she took made an immediate impact– she knew that she had found a key with yoga that would open doors. These doors that were  opening would continue for a lifetime. Yoga instructor Denise Inacio committed to the practice because of the connection found in Yoga. She not only connects to the body, living in an entire experience, not just in her head, but connects to the many layers of the body expanding to her Spirit. This connection for  Denise Inacio  is for her,  a lifetime connection. Denise has discovered that working through the physical body is her way to reach the more subtle levels of her higher self ( her being). In yoga Denise Inacio uses the tools of yoga to explore her existence at deep inner levels.

Yoga instructor Denise maintains a daily Ashtanga practice, where she aligns with all her layers of existence. In her practice she aligns with the Yoga Philosophy to make her life deeper and richer. It is her blueprint for life and living.  It is the channel for her impetus and balance. Yoga is her fuel. It helps her remain open to all of Life’s offerings and to move easily with Life.  If offers stillness of mind and in her stillness she finds openness. Yoga is actually a joy and it enables Denise to maintain her sense of humor.

Yoga instructor Denise Inacio studied yoga and received her RYT 200  with Kimberly Dahlman at Yoga East; She received her CYT 300   Comprehensive Yoga Therapy at Yoga Life Institute.

Denise teaches Yoga because being a teacher is innate. She wants to give to her students what she received from Yoga. As she shares this, her practice deepens as well. Sharing this experience with others is her gift to herself. She enjoys witnessing each person’s unique expression of practice. Teaching yoga is not about only the asanas but about the wholeness of integrity.

A perfect day for  Denise begins on her yoga mat with her personal practice, followed by a motorcycle ride to the beach with a good book for some serious relaxation.




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