Senior Warrior 5:30 pm Monday 3/23
                                           Step 11 Yoga 7:15 am    1,3,4,5th  Friday    


  Opportunity for instructors of routine classes or
       special workshops:

     We are a yoga and spiritual center. Open minded, we entertain
     any ideas of classes which create a way for people to feed their
     soul through Joyous activities. Would you like to teach tai chi,
     Qi gong, music or creative dance? Would you like to gather over
     the creative process of fabric art?
     Would you like to offer one on one Reiki, or chair massage
     or  offer 10 min. massages?
     Do you want to discuss books on growth such as Ruiz, Goldsmith,
     Van Sant, Rumi?
     Do you want to lecture on the Infinite Way, the Sedona Method,
     the Upanishads?
     Do not hesitate to approach us. Teach a one-time workshop or a 
     regularly scheduled class.

     contact: Evalyn at 

We would like to have the below slots filled with regularly scheduled classes. 
 We are looking to fill the following slots on a
 weekly or twice/month basis:
Monday AM   
              Monday start time 9:15 am       

            Monday PM
            Monday   5:30- 6:00 pm start time
            Monday 7pm start time

           Tuesday AM
           Tuesday start time 7:30 am 
           Tuesday start time 9:15 am

           Wednesday AM
           Wednesday start time 8am - 9:15 
           Wednesday start time 10:45 am - 11:30
           Wednesday  PM
            Wednesday start time 7:00 pm
           Thursday AM
           Thursday start time between 7am and 8am
           Thursday start time 9.:15 am 

            Friday AM
            Friday start time 9:15 am

           Saturday AM
           Saturday(2nd , or 4th) start time 9:15 am
We are always open to schedule once a month classes or workshops
during other open hours on our schedule. We prefer but
are not limited to class duration:

          Friday 7pm (excluding 1st Friday)
          Saturday 11am to 1 pm
          Saturday 1pm to 4 pm
          Sunday 11am to 1pm
          Sunday 1 pm to 4pm

All yoga teachers need to be certified or document at least 200 hours of teaching experience. Exceptions are entertained. 

The above classes do not need to be restricted to Yoga, but need to be in alignment with those practices considered to be consciousness raising in nature. 

Opportunity to rent Space:

There are times when we do not use the studio: most Friday evenings and Saturday evenings, some Sunday afternoons.  The space is for rent on these days. We rent the space by the hour with a minimum of 2 hrs. at a rate of $25/ 1.5 hour *.  You rent the space, you promote your topic. 
Just call to work out the details. 


Guidelines  for  Instructors    


The purpose of these guidelines is to help make the experience of teaching at Yoga by Donation as rewarding and cooperative as possible within the context of clear expectations.


Who We Are


We are local teachers of various types of yoga and related healing disciplines.  What brings us together is our desire to reach out to people at all levels of physical and financial ability and to people who want to support a studio that does that routinely, as a way of doing business. We practice the art of seva ( selfless giving) teaching the modality for the love of the practice.  Go to the Classes page for our schedule, class descriptions and bios; and go to the Instructors page for our contact info. We welcome those who are certified or have documented teaching of at least 200 hours.

Management team

The management team consists of  Bob and Evalyn  who find the new teachers for the studio and accept all ideas for consideration to discuss at the monthly team meetings. They decide all programs and classes that are held at YBD. All are invited to offer suggestions prior to such meetings which usually take place at the beginning of each month.  We accept ideas for new classes, supports classes and teachers as well as keep social media and event sites up to date. Evalyn and Bob both maintain the web site. Contact Evalyn at and Bob at    

Teacher Availabilty

It is the teachers responsibility to notify YBD management team of any changes in phone numbers or email. Should any student attempt to contact the teacher via email and not receive a response, after the second time of such occurence the teacher's email will be deleted from the contact list. Should a teacher not respond to email from the management team, email will be deleted from the contact list. We ask that all teachers do reply to phone calls from the management teams and students as well if there is no email contact information for any reason.

Before Class


If you are ever the first to arrive at the back door in the morning and the door is locked you need to keep it unlocked as follows.  Take your key out and go inside.  Then let the door close and manually push in the panic bar and hold it in as you use the key that’s hanging on a chain right beside the door.  Insert this key in the only hole it can reach on the door and turn the key clockwise just enough to lock the panic bar in.  That keeps the door from locking when it closes.  If you use a rock to hold the door ajar instead, we’ll cool down the building fast.


Arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before class starts to introduce yourself to and to welcome your students.  Before students arrive, go to the sign-in pad, skip a line from the last entry and write in today’s date and time of your class and your first name, then underline this line.  All attending students can then sign in right under this line.  Point out to new students the keys to the bathrooms, the changing rooms and where they can put their coats and shoes.  Explain how the sign-in pad works, asking them to use both first and last names to help us all learn their names.  Have new students also fill out a registration card and leave the card on the teacher communication pad for Zoe, our volunteer,  to send out a thank you email.  Explain that if they want to get our weekly emails about the weekend programs and schedule changes, they must subscribe on any page of our web site. Ask them if they are on Facebook and , if so, to like us. This will enable them to receive daily reminders and articles published by YBD. 


Even though the donation box is hard to miss, you may need to point it out to new students.  But respect our policy that all donations can be anonymous and all are appreciated.  Some students will put something into the box before class and some after class.  Some will donate some days but not others.  Most will use cash but checks made out to Yoga by Donation are also fine.  We support all these options as well as services they might want to provide to the running of the studio.  


Teach Your Best Class Possible


By positioning yourself and your students in a circle, you reinforce the message that we are all practitioners together.  However, this is not a required set-up.  But please no candles of any type as some students have allergic reactions to candle smoke.  If there are over 12 students in your class, consider staggering their mats, with every other mat closer and further from the centerpiece, or consider an inner and outer circle. Teaching at Yoga by Donation is an opportunity to teach the class that embraces your passion.  Take advantage of this opportunity even when you are subbing for another teacher.  We believe that all our instructors have something unique to offer students and their yoga practice can benefit from all our instructors.  If there is not a class immediately following yours and you want to run over, check this out with your students first.  As best you can, start on time and end on time.  End with a mediation or relaxation.


After Class


After class, remind those new students who did not have time to fill out a registration card to do so.   Announce for Facebook accounts to please 'like' us and let them know they will receive daily posts.  Refer them to the Studen News Bullentin Board with new workshops, etc. Thank them for coming and for whatever donations they can afford – as we depend on donations to keep our doors open.  Also, ask them to spread the word to their family, friends and co-workers about the opportunity available at Yoga by Donation.  Make sure they take away all their belongings and know where they can store their mats at the studio – on the shelf in the yoga room. 

If the student borrowed a studio mat, ask them to leave it open on the floor, if this is the last class of the day and please spray it with Tea Tree oil, located in the squirt bottle , behind the teachers' desk.  

Check that the window is closed. Check that the stereo if off. Check that the lights in the studio are off. 

Leave the studio picked up and ready for the next class.  Put left-behind student items in the Lost & Found basket beside the sign-in desk and add water to the water canister or water bottle beneath it (from the Women’s Room sink) as needed.


The Teacher Communication Pad


The only other pad on the desk besides the sign-in pad is the teacher communication pad.  Use it to communicate with Bob Vaccaro, the studio manager, other teachers, and to jot down messages from the answering machine. Do not use it for sub. requests or other time sensitve information. 


Bad-Weather Cancellations


If it is hard for you to get to the studio due to bad weather, phone Evalyn (207 439 6938) with enough time that she can post the cancellation on the web site, prior to students leaving their homes to attend YBD. 



If you need a sub for your class contact Evalyn by email if it is three days or more in advance. For immediate sub. requests, defined as 72 hours or less contact Evalyn or the appropriate sub by Phone. Evalyn will either find a sub or direct you to contact the teaching staff.  We ask that the main teacher do not inform the class of substitution since it fosters teacher loyalty which is incongruous with the yoga principles and conflicts with the studio's mission. 

If a teacher should not show up for a class without notification then YbD has the right to give notice to the teacher. If a teacher should not follow these guidelines then YbD may restrict the instructors teaching.


If  you volunteer to be a  sub, you are expected to teach your style class and not try to duplicate the teacher for whom you are subbing.  However, as in any class, do your best to orient your instruction to the students who are  present.  When you arrive at the studio, Put  your name on the sign-in pad to the right of the date and time of the class, just as if it were your class. Introduce yourself as usual and ask if any student has a recent injury or surgery about which you should know. 


Teacher Compensation


All the yoga teachers at Yoga by Donation donate their teaching time and do not seek financial payment( refered to as Seva).  Their goal is to support a studio in which there are no financial barriers for students to attend classes.  They may also be fine tuning their teaching skills or hoping that some students will become paying customers in other venues.  They also appreciate the opportunity to attend classes at YBD


We also have  several specialty (not yoga) teachers who enrich our offerings with a once  a month class or workshop.  Some of these teachers donate their time and some put out out a separate donation box and split the donations 50/50 with the studio in order to cover costs. These teachers were grandfathered in. However this arrangement is now longer offered as an option. 

Teachers requiring pre-registration

All teachers who require pre-registration need to respond to the registrant confirming or cancelling class.  If Eventbrite is being used as pre-registration then Eventbrite confirms immediately with the student.  In case of cancellation the teacher needs to
phone Evalyn so the cancellation can be posted to the website or the Eventbrite posting can be unpublished for the date being cancelled. 207 439 6938 is the number for cancellations. 

All the classes are offered with a minimum of two students so the class will be held open until the cutoff time, which is usually 48 hours prior to the class time , unless another time frame is agreed upon by YbD staff.   At that time it is up to the teacher to notify Evalyn that there is insufficient attendance and cancellation will be posted. In the case of Eventbrite registration Evalyn will notify the teacher only if there are insufficient studens and will confirm the number of students 36 hours before class or in a reasonable time frame.   

Teaching Staff
 Our teachers are certified Yoga teachers or have more than 200 hours of teaching experience and pratice yoga in temperment as well as physical asanas.
Teachers who have a consistent teaching reliability can teach more than one class a week on a regular schedule.  Teachers whose lifestyle prevents this reliability can enjoy the freedom of teaching one class a week, and offering their talents to substituting when needed.


Other Expectations between Yoga by Donation and Instructors


If you need to stop teaching for any reason at Yoga by Donation, please give Bob and Evalyn two weeks notice so they have time to find a replacement.  Expect the same from them  if they  need you to stop teaching at Yoga by Donation for any reason. 


Suggestions Welcome from Students and Instructors


If students have suggestions for improvements, have them put them in writing and place them in the donation box.  There are scrap pieces of paper beside the box that work fine for this purpose.  If you have suggestions, let Bob know by email or phone.


Guidelines for Cleaning the Studio

1 - Vacuum yoga and waiting room carpets with upright vacuum stored behind the sign-in desk.

2 - Sweep waiting room floor with broom and dustpan located behind desk.  Then wash this floor with warm water and a half cup of vinegar.  Bucket, vinegar and rags are under the desk.  Get warm water from spigot in women's room down the hall.

3 - Dust or damp cloth table and chairs in waiting room and desk and bench top as needed.  Use windex and paper towels to clean glass doors and waiting room mirrors as needed

4 - Tidy up props and put heaters in corners.  Water plants by window with cool water from spigot in women's room. Place remove the wooden dow in the cactus  and if the tip is bone dry then add one  to two dixie cups of water to the  cactus . 

5 - If trash basket is full, take garbage bag to the dumpster behind the building on the far right of parking lot and install new garbage bag stored behind the desk.

6 - Add water to Brita water jug from gallon jug as needed.  Fill gallon jug as needed from spigot in women's room.  Add cups to top of water table as needed.

Guidelines for Managing the Studio

1 - Remind teachers and studio cleaners of their respective Guidelines above or do what they missed.

2 - Listen to and respond to phone messages or note them in the teacher communication pad as appropriate.  Then delete messages.

3 - Check that new registration cards are complete including date and teacher's first name on the last line.  Stack them on the desk for our staff to send thank you emails.

4 - Tidy up sign-in pad consistent with Guidelines for Instructors above.

5 - Keep the three holders for  class schedules stocked. These are the sign-in desk holder, the A-frame sign holder by the front door on Congress St. and the tripod sign holder outside the back door to the Health Foods store.  Keep the metal holder on the sign-in desk stocked with registration cards.  Keep the studio stocked with cleaning supplies, tissues, paper cups and britta filters.


Student and Instructor Testimonials


This is beautiful. I have meant to say so for a while, since you first began mining this idea.  I LOVE it.  We are making a space for people of all walks of life to learn about and join in the practice of yoga.  It is fantastic. Maggie


What a great concept!  Please let me know if you would like additional instructors, I really don't care about getting paid, I just want more opportunity to refine my teaching skills.  Beth

Bob, congrats on a great website and good luck! Barbara


 Thank you so much for offering yoga by donation, Bob. I have been wanting to do yoga for a while, and now I can. I look forward to more classes!  Jeff


It's such a great thing you are doing for the community - very inspiring.  Kelly


The studio is very warm and welcoming and I appreciate the lack of talk and concern about tickets, passes and money.  I admire your commitment and sincere attempt to make Yoga a way of life for all who know its value.  Karen


I am very exiting about the fact that i started to do yoga, especialy this such a wanderful teacher like you. Thank you very much! I defenly come to next class!  ''sory for mistakes''


It was nice to be back in your class again. I felt much better for having participated. I think it is great that everyone will have a place to do yoga no matter what they can, or can’t, afford.  I hope it works financially for you and all the other instructors.  It is a generous and heartful gift you give to the Seacoast community. Suzanne 


I appreciate your dedication to the wonders of yoga and your generosity in making it available to all especially in these contracted times.  Sandra

t is great to see your new venture so successful. The classes are full and people are enjoying yoga.  Vivian

This is brilliant. What I love the most about this is that the "donation" goes both ways...If people really can't afford to, this week or ever, then the donation goes toward them.  I know you've thought of this of course ...but I'm just honoring it. Thank you so much.  Karen

WOW!!!!!!!!!  Bob, this is SO GREAT!!! I am really excited about (and moved by) this exceptional idea…gift…service. Can’t wait to try a class! And I’ll pass this along to everyone I know!  Kimberly


This sounds great. Brian Kest has been running a studio solely on donations for many years…so it works ;-) I will forward to some email addresses of friends that are still in the seacoast area… Lois


We really enjoy being there, it has been such a wonderful change of pace for me.  I am already feeling a difference in my body and breathing. I'll see you soon!  Jeff


Dad,  This sounds fantastic!  Where did all these teachers come from?  I'm so happy and proud for you!  Lynn


I had a wonderful experience on Saturday and I’m actually going to attend tonight’s class at 7PM. I think the organization is an excellent fit for Portsmouth and me! I’m excited to meet all of the instructors and try all of the different classes offered. Not to mention spread the good word to all of my friends. I’ll be seeing you on Saturday. Johanna


The class was wonderful  I will be back  Weekends are the time I really can enjoy it  THANK YOU  Brenda


Thanks so much for the class and for the email. I will certainly be back!  Cheers  Robin


Thank you for the email.  This was my second week and I totally enjoyed the class and Abby as an instructor-she is great.  I love the space and the whole feeling of the studio I am also interested in the class Michelle teaches on Friday evening. Thanks for opening such a wonderful place. Susan


What awesome, welcome back to yoga. I had forgotten how wonderful I could feel afterward. Thank you. Anne


Thank you and to all your staff for providing this to the community!  It is truly in the spirit of giving back and inspiring others to do what they can in their way.  I appreciate the opportunity to build yoga back into my life and look forward to being able to increase my donations over time to support you in making it accessible to more people. I really enjoyed my class with Deborah yesterday and will be back this week.  I also plan to try classes with a variety of instructors.  And I am spreading the word. Liz


I can not express my gratitude enough for you having the wonderful insight to have this type of a yoga studio. I look forward to many more visits at your great place. It was an enjoyable morning with Abby and a class which I plan to be part of my weekly routine.  Thank you again, Stacy


Thanks Bob.  I really enjoyed class and will come again soon.  Kristen


Thank you! The session with Tim was amazing!  I will be back and I will tell others!  K.Lee


I just wanted to tell you both how much my mom and I enjoyed last nights class and we will definitely be back. what an incredible idea yoga by donation is! my mom (who is not easily impressed and did yoga only once before years ago and HATED it) loved it! i was so pleased. Heidi was great, she is excellent and we will definitely be back to her class. she was so spectactular about making beginners like my mom and more experienced (me but certainly I claim to be no expert- not even close!) feel comfortable and welcome yet challenged and fufilled. we'll be back soon! thanks so much and we'll definitely see you soon! and spread the word! :)  best, Cait


Yoga by Donation is a brilliant idea.  I can't wait to come back.  As my schedule permits, i plan to return as often as possible!  Thanks so much for making this so easy and stress free.  And many thanks to Heidi - she was so calm and permission giving - it made the experience - especially for a first timer - very positive. Carol


Thank you for the recognition of attending!  I felt terrific after Heidi's class...even into the next day. I've taken yoga in the past and it felt sooooo good to attend again. I will be back. There was absolutely no disappointment.  Donna


I want you to know what a lovely feeling it is that there are people who care and reach out. I am so grateful to have found this yoga place.  Have a great day!  Stacy


Thank you so much. I enjoyed Candice’s class today and will definitely be back to try other classes & Instructors.  You've have created quite an all encompassing studio! Congratulations.  Namaste, Janet

Thank you for such a great service!  I've already told a few people and am thinking of inviting more.                 Namaste,  Kathryn

I enjoyed Deb’s class, though it was definitely a challenge!  I’ll come back as much as I can. After June I don't know when I'll have free time, but I'll certainly try and keep up a practice - it's very good for me.  I'm hoping that I will be able to bring my daughter and the girl I babysit for on Tuesday!  I'm so happy you offer a children's class!  I've been telling everyone I know at Gwen's school (lots of Yoga mom's!) about your studio! 
See you next week, or perhaps at church Sunday!  Kris


very cool class, bob.  i can now move several vertebrae that haven't moved in months.  wow.  looking forward to when i am next in the area!  X


I just wanted to say thank you for offering this service to the community. I'm sure there are many other people like me out there who, because of financial belt-tightening, have had to exclude yoga from their life. I look forward to attending some classes at Yoga by Donation.  Kevin

I just wanted to return your note and thank YOU. You are so fantastic for having this studio open and I seriously cannot live without Kelly!!! My gym canceled her class and I was lost until I realized that you had her instructing and I cannot tell you how much this means to me and my (overall) well-being. I hope to continue with more classes and set up a routine soon! Even if it does mean driving to Portsmouth!!!!  Jessica

I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed Beth's class last Monday.  She really made the "first timers" comfortable and is a lovely lady.  I didn't think it was a difficult class, as Beth encouraged all of us to listen to our bodies and go a far as we felt comfortable with.  I intend to continue with her class.  It was great!!!!  Annie

Thank you for such a kind welcoming letter. I truly enjoyed my class with Duane, it was just what I needed and I intend to come back as often as my schedule permits. I was very impressed with the studio, it was perfect and I felt very comfortable there. I'd like to thank you for extending the yoga practice to everyone. I strongly believe in its many benefits and it is wonderful to see an organization that meets the demands and abilities of the general public. I practice yoga at home but it makes for such a special and unique experience to join others.

Namaste, Jennalee

I was very impressed with Beth's class last Monday and also with Heidi's class on Wed. Both very good - both very different. I really like the space down there. Thank you for this innovative and wonderful idea, and for gathering so many wonderful teachers in one place!  Namaste, Lil

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found Yoga by Donation. I attended my second prenatal yoga class with Carol this week, and am so impressed not only with her but the organization in general. It is such a welcoming, serene place, and the quality and variety of classes offered is amazing. The fact that it's all by donation is even more amazing. And the "no-pressure" approach to donating makes me want to give even more, because it is so evident that Yoga by Donation is truly interested in reaching people's needs on a physical and emotional level, without any regard to how much someone can afford to pay. This is so refreshing!  I have told several friends and colleagues about Yoga by Donation, and am thrilled to live close enough to be able to take advantage of it. I sincerely thank you for the tremendous service you and your organization are offering to the community. Namaste, Kelley

I was bowled over when I got your email...In the kind of world we live in today, this kind of personal touch is very rare...thank you so very much.  I wanted to tell you that I have not felt this good physically, mentally, and emotionally since I can't remember when.  I have pain every day - sometimes it feels like fibromyalgia...I don't take any prescription drugs except for anti-depressant in the winter...I've done acupuncture, massage, chiropractic but NEVER have i gotten relief like I did today...Will you explain to me why???  I'm planning on coming in to your class again on Sat 7:30 class...I'm thrilled to have found you, and you can be assured I will be telling everyone about your organization. Cee Cee

Thank you for the kind email. My daughter’s name is Micaela. I am excited to have found Yoga by Donation and actually posted your logo & a note on my facebook page.  As a parent of young children and a spouse with odd working hours I am not able to get to a class for myself very frequently.  I have sporadically attended Candice’s class in Newington in the past.  Yoga by Donation seems a perfect solution as I am not locked into a set class at a set time and if we have to miss a week due to schedule conflicts I’m not paying for a class my daughter might be missing.  Your studio is lovely, comfortable and inviting.  We’re looking forward to our classes!  Gail
I am so so grateful for YBD. I have been spreading the word at the hospital (i am an RN) to many patients I believe would benefit as well as to friends. I love yoga and it has improved my life in many ways. The meditation classes ( i went to both Greg and Avi) were greatly beneficial. This must be creating boundless merit for your kindness and generosity and benefiting all those who attend. With much love and appreciation, Suzan



Thanks, Bob.  I have been to several sessions with Abby, Duane, Barry, and Beth and the environment and instructors have been wonderful.  I enjoy the variety as well.  I wish you continued success with this very unique approach.  Beth


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I took Rachel's Laughter Yoga class tonight.  It was a kick!  To tell the truth I was a bit skeptical about my ability to laugh freely over nothing, but as it turned out, it doesn't matter if the laughter is real or not - you still benefit from it.  As Rachel said, "your body doesn't know the difference."  My body felt very stimulated during the class.  And afterwards, even though I spent the evening by myself, I found myself laughing more freely and being more playful, including walking through puddles that I knew were higher than my boots!  It seems that the absurdity of forcing various laughters expanded my willingness to be ridiculous.  I think we could all use a bit of that!  Love, Noreen





Thank you again for a great first session.  I've been meaning to go to Yoga by Donation for a while, and very glad I was finally able to make the commitment to go that day.  I've never done yoga with circular body motions, and I have to say that it was very effective.  I felt so relaxed, reinvigorated, and reenergized after, even my boyfriend had noticed.  I hope to come again soon. Thank you again for a great welcoming experience. Namaste, Daise

I loved my first experience at Yoga By Donation.  I have back problems and my back hurts most days. Today I cannot feel a thing after going to Noreen's class last night at.  Everyone I have met so far has been extremely helpful and very kind.  I think I have found my yoga studio!  I'm going to come as often as I can!  Natalie

I actually came back on Sunday and had a WONDERFUL class with Duane. I am looking forward to trying more classes and bringing a friend. Thanks again for your email!  Samantha :)

I was able to attend the 9:15 class on Sunday morning, and had a wonderful experience. I look forward to exploring the different classes that you offer. I am so glad that your organization exists, it is a wonderful addition to our great city!  -Emily

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful work.  In today’s crazy (and expensive) world, it is rare to find organizations and people dedicated to their community’s physical and spiritual betterment.  As college students we have so greatly appreciated the opportunity to practice yoga in such a welcoming place.  Best of health and luck to you all!  Sincerely, Amanda, Christine and Eliza

Thank you for following up after my class.  Heidi was extremely warm and patient, it is clear that she is passionate about teaching yoga.  I had a great class, and definitely intend to come back.  I think it is wonderful what your organization is doing.  Look forward to more lessons!  -Kristen

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mysore class.  It was my first experience with Mysore, and I appreciated Avi's expertise and patience.  I got into supta kurmasana and never had before!  If I lived near Portsmouth, I would attend many of your yoga classes.  I too, teach in the Lititz, PA community on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings by donation.  It is such a great way to do it. So, again thank you...and please thank Avi for being an awesome teacher.  Namaste, Eileen

thank you so much for the follow up, that really means a lot to me. i went online to the website of yoga by donation, and saw so many classes i am interested in. i have spread the word to some fellow city year people, some have shown interest, i will spread this energy more and more. thank you for all that you do, i think it is a brilliant idea "yoga by donation" truly doing the word yoga justice. i hope to see you soon. thanks for everything,  Dylan

 awesome. thank you for this email. the class i took was amazing. i felt so rejuvenated after and was completely worry free. I am going to try to join some mediation classes and I am looking forward to them. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a certain yoga class for me. I am keeping my mind, body, and spirit strong but I am a beginner as of now. thank you, peace and love, christian

Thank you Bob. I enjoyed my class with Barry very much and I think I am going to enjoy the Forrest Yoga. I do plan on other classes as well. I want to thank you for opening such a wonderful Yoga place and will definitely spread the word. I am glad I found you! Namaste  Best Regards, Elise

 I really enjoyed my first class at yoga by donation. Everyone was extremely friendly and I love how calm the atmosphere is. I will continue to attend when I am able to.  Daniel

I've been following Yoga by Donation for a little bit now, taking a class here and there, and I'm just so impressed by the community that has grown even in the short while that I've been watching....  Please let me know how I can be a part of the YbD community!  Joe

I had a wonderful experience at yoga last night with Beth. I plan to come back often and I would love to try many of the different styles of yoga YBD offers.  Thank you for offering such a lovely space to practice in.  Kaitlynn

I am enjoying the wide range of activities at Yoga by Donation and getting to know some wonderful people who frequent the studio.  Thank you so much!  There is something very special going on there.  Given my financial situation in retirement, it would never be possible for me to try so many new things.  Brenda

Thank you for having such a wonderful resource available.  I am sharing the information with others.  I enjoyed my lesson and will return regularly.  I feel this is something I need, is necessary, and well worth making time for.  Fair Winds, Mary

thank you, bob.  the yoga by donation studio is a real treat.  when in portsmouth, i intend to be a frequent visitor.  i live full-time in portland, maine.  do you know of a similarly themed yoga studio in my area?  i googled and came up with nothing.  many thanks, brian

I very much enjoyed the class with Joseph Carringer.  And the space is very beautiful and welcoming.  I had no idea such a treasure was so close!  Thank you.  I will certainly come back for classes.  Peg

Bob, it was so nice to get your message in my Inbox this morning.  Thank you for following up with me after my first experience with your yoga studio on Saturday.  I had just been reflecting on how attending your class was one of the highlights of my weekend.  The studio was sunny, serene and spacious.  Your instruction was great.  I felt deeply invigorated after the session.  I will be back (and before another 6 months passes!) and I look forward to trying some of the other classes you offer.  Donna

Bob - The class was great, easier to follow than others I've taken in the past. Just right for me right now. Will see you Friday. My goal is to come twice a week, and of course try out all the other classes and workshops!  Pamela

Thanks for your kind email.  I shared with all of my co-workers here at Seacoast Hospice how much I enjoyed the class last night and many of them expressed interest in joining me in the future!  I plan to attend as regularly as possible and enjoyed last night very much - it was just what I needed!  Whitney

 I loved your space. i loved my experience with joseph. i am on a new path and i will definitely be back very soon. thank you for being there.  laura

I just got your welcome email and I just want to say how happy I am that you are running a yoga studio based on donations!  I have been looking for local yoga studios and I am excited to start exploring the classes at your studio.  Where a lot of yoga studios are unaffordable and somewhat pretentious in nature, Yoga by Donation is a very welcoming, down to earth environment.  I look forward to seeing you around at the studio!  Sincerely, Hayley


We are so fortunate to have a studio in Portsmouth that is beautiful and filled with dozens of highly qualified instructors AND has such a progressive and very yogic mission statement.  I am so excited to be teaching at Yoga by Donation.  And I feel especially grateful to have the opportunity to share Kripalu yoga.   Robbin 


Thank you Bob,I really love the idea behind Yoga by Donation and will be back whenever I can make it to Portsmouth.  I read through your website and I respect your initiative and hard work involved in putting together the studio.  It was great to read the statistics to see how the program is blossoming....congratulations!   I'm excited to try some of the other classes I read about, and I'll certainly tell other people about the studio. Your class was great and a unique experience for me...I felt great all day long after taking the class.  Best wishes and I hope to be in class with you again soon.  Sue

Bob, Thank you for your messages. I certainly feel very welcomed. I thoroughly enjoyed my first class with "you in absentia". Please know that the session had a lovely flow.  My plan is to join the 9:15 class tomorrow morning. Yoga by Donation gives me still another reason to live in Portsmouth. Thank you, again.  Warmly, Jane

I just wanted to let you know that the class i attended yesterday was so wonderful!  It was probably the best class I have ever been to.  I am certainly feeling it today, but I feel great!  Thanks for offering  such a great space :)  Thanks again, Peace, Fileshea

I want to let you know that I absolutely LOVE teaching at Yoga By Donation. I always have a great time and it lifts my day when I teach in that studio.  Thank you for all your hard work and love that goes into it.  Many Thanks, Nichole

Thank you so much for your warm email and phone call!  My husband and I have been looking for a place like yours for some time now.  I am the only one working in the household right now, so it’s difficult to afford luxuries like yoga.  Thank you so much for opening a place that can help everyone afford to take these classes.  If for some reason we can’t afford a monetary donation one week, do you welcome volunteers?  To maybe help clean the studios or wash down mats, we would be open to giving back that way as well.  Again thank you and I really look forward to tomorrow evening with Heidi.  Warm Regards, Sarah

I enjoyed Raja Yoga with Gloria last Wednesday. I also came on Thursday to Michele's class and it was excellent. I plan on coming back this Thursday and invited a friend to join me. Thank you for opening this studio and giving an opportunity for our community to experience such wonderful classes.  Namaste, Donata

I really applaud the goals of Yoga by Donation, and I'm hearing the same thing from my friends.  Expect good things in the future.  Thanks, -Andy

I just wanted to say that i think your studio is well-run and has tons of great classes. This past week I went to belly dancing and meditation, and both exceeded expectations. Thank you for enriching  our community!!!

Thank you Bob for this welcoming email.  I very much enjoyed the energy class and will definitely be attending many more classes.  I have always loved yoga and energy healing however sadly have managed to remove myself from it over the last few years.  I've found that in order to become whole again, I need to work on my own self-healing, and feel extremely blessed to have found your studio.  Thanks for offering such a great variety of yoga and meditation classes.  I look forward to meeting you.  Josie

Thank you so much for your emails. My son was visiting from California, he took an am class and loved it. Thinking about yogalates on Sunday am.  I so appreciate your dedication.. and making Yoga available to us all!   Maureen

I want to express my gratitude and tell you how important your innovation and generosity has been to the Portsmouth my humble opinion.  Thank you for all of your efforts and dedication...  It says something so wonderful about a community that wishes to join together in these ways.  Namaste, Suzan

Just a quick email to tell you how much I loved my first visit to Yoga by Donation. What a great experience....a calming beautiful space, a wonderful instructor, and a great class. Plus, I'm so impressed with the concept of Yoga by Donation. I love the flexibility and diverse offerings.  Thanks so much for putting it all together!  Sue

Thank you for all your hard work and effort.  I still appreciate every news letter that comes out, and ALL the communication.  Even when I can't find the time to practice yoga, there is always the chance that i can squeeze it in if I know when the classes are, and how convenient it might be to work it into my schedule...the hope and the chance is what keeps me going...Thanks again for taking the time and for seeing a need and giving birth to your vision with such success!  Namaste'  Susie

My neighbor just attended her first class at Yoga by Donation just over a week ago.  She had never taken a class before and really enjoyed the comfortable environment.  She was worried her lack of yoga knowledge would be very obvious but she said the instructor and the other people attending the class made her feel very welcome and not self conscious at all.  Just thought I’d pass her compliment along!  Gail

Thank you again for providing a space for the community to practice yoga together. It has given me an opportunity to grow as a teacher and has given me the confidence I needed to go outside my comfort zone. Namaste, Michael

HI Bob, thank you so much for the wonderful class yesterday -- I really enjoyed the meditative aspect of the class and the focus on rotational movement  -- similar focuses as some movements in  the Feldenkrais Method.  Very therapeutic!  Your studio is just beautiful -- perfect, peaceful space -- very organized!   Namaste!  Karen


 I was impressed by the prenatal class last night.  Sage led a wonderful class, and I enjoyed the opportunity to continue the yoga practice I had developed prior to pregnancy and to make a connection with my baby at the same time.  I plan to continue to attend these classes, and will hopefully try others after my baby arrives.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend these classes at Yoga By Donation!  Cheers,  Erika

I went to the gentle yoga class with Carolyn and enjoyed her and the class. I will be back and will bring a friend too. I took one of your yoga classes at the YMCA before!  Thanks!  Sheila

Dear Bob, Thank you for being so welcoming at my first class at Yoga by Donation.  I love the concept and will certainly try other classes.  I enjoyed your class and felt I honored my body in a way I had not for a while.  Until we meet again,Pat


Love your studio and the variety of classes!  Quality of instruction is fantastic.  Elizabeth

Thank you for providing such a sacred service to the community. I have attended two classes and was delighted by the simplicity and integrity of the space and instructors.  Namaste, -Mel