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Week At A Glance

Classes at Yoga by Donation
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
      M o r n i n g
6:00 - 7:00  



7:30 - 8:45     Silent Yoga
  7:10 - 8:30
   Gentle Silent  Yoga
ends Dec 1 

Classical Yoga
(Beach) Vawter



9:15 - 10:45


Kripalu YogaCore 


Kripalu YogaCore 

1st & 3rd Sat

Kripalu Yoga  Duane


                                      A f t e r n o o n
12:00 - 2:00 Revolutionary



Street Clothes Yoga

11:30am- 12.:30

12:00 - 1:15



The Work
1&3rd Sun 

2:00 - 4:00
(or as noted)

Open Studio
2:00 - 5:15
By Donation

Open Studio
By Donation

 Open Studio
2:00 - 5:15
By Donation

Open Studio
2:00 - 4:00
By Donation

Open Studio
2:00 - 5:15
By Donation


1st Sat -Even Months (1:30- 4:30)

4th Sat (12- 5)
One-on-One Reiki
Healing Sessions
Angela Colley

5th Sat (1:30-4:30) 
First Aid

Deb's  Series

1st &3rd Sun

2nd Sun


4th Sun

4:00 - 5:15

One on One
Pre-arranged by student/teacher
By Donation

One on One

Pre-arranged by student/teacher
By Donation


See Classes Above

1st, 3d & 5th Sun
2d & 4th Sun
 Tantra Yoga
 both: Evalyn

5:30 - 6:45 

1st Mon
Raja Yoga 1 & II

2d & 4th Mon 
PHH Yoga


Beginner Ashtanga
6:00 - 7:00
Classical Yoga





7:00 - 8:15
2nd Monday
Inner work

3rd  Monday 
Warrior Yoga

4th Monday 
Yoga for appetite

Energy Healing 
Ed & Mike 

2nd Wed

7:00 - 9:00


  1st 3d & 5th Thu
   Gentle Yoga
  2nd & 4th Thurs
  Classical Yoga 

1st Friday


Free Spirit Yoga




Angela's One-on-One Reiki Healing Sessions 

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. Human beings are energy systems. If we accept this premise, then life energy is the essential and most basic element of the human energy system.

Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. Reiki utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body.

Reiki is used to treat the whole body, to achieve relaxation. It facilitates the removal of blockages in energy flow and the dispersal of toxins. The energy channels are opened to allow the body to deal properly and naturally with both stress and the build-up of toxins. It can help you to cope with anxiety while allowing you to achieve complete relaxation. It is a holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

To schedule a 20-30 minute one-on-one Reiki Energy Healing with Angela on the 4th Saturday of the month, contact Angela directly at 603-969-8961 or email her at angelacolley@ymail.com.
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Angela Colley Bio

I myself first learned of Reiki years ago at a hospital. I was moved by what I witnessed. The Reiki Practitioner had 
a way of relaxing the patients while they lay in their hospital beds, before their surgery, by playing soft 
meditational music and placing her hands on or over certain areas of the patients body. It was a life changing 
moment for me. This was nothing I had ever heard of or seen before in my life. At that time I did not fully 
understand what Reiki really was. After a lot of research, I learned of the healing benefits of Reiki, and 
that If I learned it I may be able to help my daughter with her severe menstrual cramps, lower back pain,
and anxiety. So began my journey.

  I have trained with a wonderful Usui Reiki Master, StacyLynn. She taught me how to 
  be a strong, compassionate, intuitive healer. After studying and certifying as an 
  Usui Reiki III Master/Teacher/Practitioner, I decided that I must help others as well.
  I learned along the way that Reiki healing is what I am meant to do.
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Bob's Revolutionary Yoga Class


Ingenius yoga that creates the milieu for
the gentleless if you stuggle with a physical
limitation or that allows you to go deep for
maximum stretch and strength. Never stop spinning.
Revolutionary in many ways.

Bob's Revolutionary Yoga class provides a moderate total-body workout, a meditative breathing practice and sequences of stretches designed to strengthen and release tension in your muscles, calm your mind and nurture your spirit. Though no two classes are exactly the same, each includes a time to dedicate your practice to a personal transformation goal, a warm-up sequence, and a balanced selection of back bends, forward bends and twists in several platforms, including standing, on hands and feet, on hands and knees, on your stomach, sitting and on your back. During relaxation on your back, Bob offers a shoulder press and neck pull to help reset your body alignment.
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Guidelines for Taking Bob's Class

Breathe Slowly, Evenly, and Deeply 
Breathe in and out through your nose whenever possible. In addition, by constricting the back of your throat, churn the air on both the inhales and exhales making the ‘ocean’ sound only you need to hear. When inhaling, fill your belly first, then fill your chest or simply take air in as long as you can. Exhale slowly and toward the end of the exhale tighten your pelvic floor and pull your belly in, pushing out all the air. Then release these ‘energy locks’ during the inhales. 

Treat the Class as Your Personal Time 
My class provides you a carefully sequenced and timed flow of postures for you to explore, co-create, and befriend. This means working each posture where it feels good to you and for as long as it feels good to you. Come out of any posture early and stay out for as long as you need to rest. Listen to your muscles. In time you will know when your muscles are happy to work and to be stretched, and when they are not. Whenever your muscles are not happy, keep co-creating and modifying the posture until they are. If the ‘platform’, the position in which the posture begins, is not easily accessible to you, either modify the platform or skip that posture and learn substitute postures that you can access easily.


Keep Your Eyes Closed When You Can 
This will strengthen your internal focus and will become easier as you trust your interpretation of my verbal cues. Open your eyes when you want to confirm what I am saying. And when your balance feels precarious, gaze steadily and softly at a focal point in front of you.

Make the Circular Movements Work for You 
Consider the mostly circular rotations as permission to move in ways that feel good to you. These small movements, which do not need to be circular, serve four purposes. First, they work and warm the muscles creating them and raise your heart rate, adding to the aerobic benefit of the class. Second, the movements help you spiral deeper into each posture slowly and safely. Third, the movements allow you to explore alignments and angles that you might not have accessed without the movements. Finally, the movements massage tensions from your muscles that are pressing into your mat. For example, when you are standing, you create a foot massage by shifting your weight around the bottoms of your feet.

Meditate on Physical Sensations
Some 80% of the value of the class derives from focusing your mind's attention on the physical sensations of muscles working and stretching and on the details of breathing. As soon as you notice a thought taking you away from these points of focus, gently but quickly bring your attention back without a self-judging thought. With regular practice you will be able to increase the peaceful time between your thoughts.

Transform Pain into an Opportunity to Release Tension
Sometimes, due to an injury or fear, a posture needs to be avoided. But most of the time when you encounter pain or strain in a posture, it is because you have gone into the posture too quickly. Back off on the posture or on the size of the rotations and work the posture at the doorstep of pain. Concentrate on the elements of breathing noted above and the physical sensations you are creating. Wait for an invitation from your muscles to go take on more posture. Where there was pain or strain, there will now be an opportunity to experience the pleasurable sensation of releasing tension in your muscles.

Trust Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Will Benefit from Regular Practice 
In each class you can expect a total body workout in which your legs, arms, neck, abdominal and other core muscles will all be worked and stretched somewhat evenly. My intention is for you to work and release tension from every muscle group, vitalize every organ, and tone every cell in your body. As this happens in your body, anxieties and confusions will leave your mind, and your capacity to accept yourself and serve others will grow. The more you practice the more connected you will feel to the moment, your inner spirit, and all beings!  return to schedule


Bob Vaccaro Bio     

Life Before Yoga

One of these ventures was the development of a family practice health maintenance organization, which grew to a staff of 25 and a membership of 4,000 before it was taken over by a larger HMO. Married to Jackie Ellis for 25 years, he helped raise three now-adult children, and enjoyed many community service project.

Bob grew up in a large extended Italian family in Bristol, Rhode Island, and attended Brown University and Harvard Business School on academic scholarships. He employed his MBA skills as a business consultant in Nicaragua, an officer in the Air Force, and an international analyst at Texas Instruments before taking on two rewarding and challenging entrepreneurial ventures.

Preparations to Teach Yoga 
Bob started practicing yoga in 1984, but it wasn't until 1990 that he began preparing for a new career focus. After studying group counseling and meditation, he earned certifications as a Psychosynthesis Counselor, a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner (for individuals and groups), an Integral Yoga Teacher, and a Yogassage Practitioner. More recently, he completed Alyssa Cohen's Living on Live Foods Level 3 Teacher Certification and Certified Laughter Leader trainings. After teaching 5,000 hours of yoga classes, Bob has been a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher at the advanced 500 level since 2002.

Why I Teach Revolutionary  Yoga
Perhaps due to an early childhood injury and 20 years of jogging, the arthritic symptoms I developed in my hips resisted treatment from a wide array of medical and energy healers. However, these symptoms respond favorably to the style of yoga I developed over the past 10 years. Emotional well-being follows my physical healing. To me, this is a strong spiritual calling. I love yoga because it works for me on many levels. Over and over, I hear students declare profound physical benefits and shifts in the way they feel and the way they live. I love that several have become successful yoga teachers.
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Dave's Sound Healing Workshop
(offered September to May) 


Sound Healing is a process that assists you in connecting directly to your guides.
Utilizing the sound of a drum and/or didgeridoo, the Sound Healing journey is
a special state of trance consciousness that enables communication with the energy
or spirit of the universe. Through this practice you will discover and communicate
withbothanimal and spirit guides. In addition to these connections, you will be able
to ask questions about yourself and your purpose, helping you to find guidance
on your path.

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Dave Estes Bio

Dave apprenticed with Shaman Ann Sousa, a Dagara elder who works directly
with the West African Shaman Malidoma Some. Also a student of Toltec
Shamanism and Native American tradition Dave uses the Aboriginal Didgeridoo
and drumming in practice

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   David's Spiritual Warrior Yoga

 A strong class to develop muscle and 
 concentration and gentleness of Spirit.  

A strong practice that focuses on the pose and the moment. 
A Warrior above all other understand the inner strength and
attention one must have to move forward and protect that 
which is the most dear. To do this a warrior must pay
attention to the moment, be aware of his/her mind and 
body, the air they breathe and focus of the pose and all life
around them. This practice will bring you to peace within the mind 
and strengthen the body so that you may go forth and be the 
strong pillar people can lean on in time of need.

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  David Glazbrook Bio 


David found yoga in 2009. Dealing with injuries and PTSD 
from his military career David found yoga as a way to 
strengthen and calm his mind, body and soul. David’s 
classes are fun, challenging and focus on strength,
mindfulness and patience. With a balance of a focused
centering, restful savasana and strong poses, David’s
classes have something for everyone.
David earned his 200 Teacher Training through 
Yoga on the Hill in Kittery Maine and is currently in 
500 Teacher Training through Yoga on York in 
York Maine
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Deb's Kripalu Yoga Core             

Develope core strength with Yoga/Pilates

Deb's class combines core strengthening movements derived 
from Pilates with the grace and flo of kripalu yoga. Her
additional focus on breathing and meditating in movement 
creates a feeling of deep relaxation and renewal
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   Deb Levine Bio

A certified Kripalu and Adaptive yoga instructor, Deb has been teaching in the 
seacoast for several years. She enjoys introducing yoga to beginners as well 
as offering yoga to more experienced students.
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 Denise's Groundwork Yoga
    Build your foundation or learn to
     build it with the instruction of Denise.
     Use the wall to build muscle strength.
     Use straps and blocks to help for a
     better yoga thru the month. 

Groundwork  is a class for building a strong foundation
   for your practice. We will do some work at the wall to
   help create opening, strength, and flexibility. You are
   invited to reflect on the integrity of the pose, and to pay
   attention to the physical alignment as well as notice the
   more subtle aspects the breath brings out.

   This class works for beginners starting you on a strong
   foundation. This class works also  for the more experienced
   practioner who wants to go deeper into the practice. 

   Self study is a beautiful aspect of having a yoga practice.
   Though it is serious work , remember to bring your sense
   of humor! 
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 Denise Inacio's bio 
   Denise began to practice in 2006 , in a gym. That first yoga class she 
     took made an immediate impact-- she knew that she had founcd
     a key with yoga that would open doors for her for a lifetime. 

     Denise has discovered that working through the physical body is her way
     to reach the more  subtle levels  of  her higher self ( her being); she uses the tools
      of yoga to more deeply explore her existence. Sharing this experience
      with others is her gift to herself. She enjoys witnessing each person's 
     unique  expression of practice. 

     A perfect day for Denise begins on her yoga mat with her personal practice, 
     followed by a motorcycle ride to the beach  with a good book  for some 
     serious relaxation. 

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Duane's Kripalu Yoga
 Varied, stylized  yoga with breath , from easy stretch
  to crescendo to deep postures and final savasana.

In addition to Kripalu's gentle press points and emphasis on breath, to his class 
Duane brings his additional seasoned studies with Hittleman, B.K.S. Iyangar, 
Sivananda and others. Certified as a Kripalu instructor since 1992, he combines 
Kripalu with Hatha yoga and his personal style to create a varied yoga experience 
for his students. He accomodates the class to the needs of his students.

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Learn more about Duane and his style by clicking 

               the Youtube button  to view his video.                                                                         


   Duane Allison Bio 


Duane came to yoga as a young adult out of the inner curiosity about the 
subject. He pursued a path of spiritual self discovery. His teaching style is
one of demonstration and as the student experiences heightened consciouseness 
in the class, the student grows and develops in the light of Yoga. 
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Energy Healing Class

 A room full of healing energy. Come be
 a part of it. 
Our Healing Circle has been meeting here for over seven years. It is guided by practitioners from many different traditions. On any given Tuesday night we may have Reiki Masters, Intuitive healers, Shambala Masters, Massage therapists, Clinical Hypnothrapists, Crystal Healers, Workers in the Shamanic realm, and Qigong practitioners---to name just a few disciplines. Our 'Guests' are an equally eclectic group. They range from those who are simply curious about energy work to those who have studied those arts and have been with us for years. Come join us. Whatever your reason. All levels of seekers welcome.
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Ed Marshall Bio
Ed has been a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 1999. He is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a Shambala Master Teacher. Ed is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Ed has always been drawn to deepening his understanding of whatever healing skills he has been drawn to. Through years of taking innumerable courses he has been exposed to far too many modalities to list here. However, he considers his deep desire to help others as his greatest and most important qualification.
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  Mike Dutka Bio

                     Mike is a  certified Shamballa Master since 2001. 
                                              Shamballa is another form of Reiki. Many variations 
                                              of Reiki have developed over the years. He is  also a 
                                              traditional Reiki practitioner. He also practices several
                                              kinds of Qi Gong energy healing. He  was taught by 
                                              Ed Hubbell in that discipline. Mike has been with the 
                                              Energy Healing class since Ed conducted the 1st class 
                                              on Jan 30th, 2007.
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Evalyn's Interactive Meditation

 Come sit with others. No rules about how to sit.
 Practice quieting your mind. Learn new techniques
 to do so. Share with others and learn what's really
 going on inside that head.
 Stop negative chatter. Master your mind. Don't let
 the mess master you.  

With the intention of breaking through patterns of behavior and pain and
getting to the wellspring within this meditation class establishes community
and support in using meditation to change your responses to the situations
in life. Any modality is accepted. The class works with each person's object
whether it be breath, body scan, mantra, visualization, movement, etc. Learn
how pain in a guide to another way.  Learn how to discern between the
stories of the mind and the truth. Learn how to find your way to abundance
in all walks of life. Come and take down your walls to higher self..
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Evalyn's PHH is yoga for the  Pregnant,
                  the Hips and the Hamstrings


 This effective class focuses on issues not only related to women
  in pregnancy but issues regarding the lower back which develope as a
  result of tight hamstrings and hips. Though pre-natal women are 
  highly encouraged to come we also invite their partners, their family
  members and anyone of our community who needs to work on
  these issues. There is no work at all laying on or compressing on
  the abs. All work is upright.
 All are welcomed. 

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Evalyn's Restorative Yoga

  Stress is the mother of all disease an malfunctions. Relax and
 restore. Destress and begin the healing process. Long poses ,
 supported by blocks, cushions, blankets etc. 

  Stress is the mother of all disease and malfunctions of the body. Evalyn's class
focuses on relaxing the mind thru the internal practice of paying 
attention to breath and let all else fall away. The postures are held for at least 
2.5 minutes and at most 10 minutes. Each week we work on different
aspects of the body, such as lymphatic system, spine, total architecture.
Sometimes we focus on specific areas of the body.But it is always a
supportive yoga class which  allows the body temperature to increase
thru deep breathing, compression and prolonged supported asanas.
  Raising the body's temperature reduces the viscoscity
of synovial fluid which allows the thinner warmed fluid to flow to connective
tissue of joints, lubricating them and nourishing and promoting healing. Also
it increases range of motion. Compression postures also create a
conducive body environment to move lymphatic fluids to heighten the
immune system. Come to class so you can enjoy the experience of leaving
the class feeling like a marshmallow. 
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Evalyn's Silent Yoga
  Classic, no music, move the joints, stretch the spine,
  work the hips and glutes, strengthen shoulders. Cues
  only all else is breath.
This class is meant for the yoga student who pays attention to 
aural instructions. The student is directed to move body parts 
to end up in a final asana that is held for 8 complete breaths 
minimally. The music in this class is the sound of your breath. 
Join community in silence and begin to hear the 
Thunder of Silence.
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Evalyn's Street Clothes Yoga

 What else but yoga you can do with your
 street clothes on and in the short lunch
 break. Pop in for 15 minutes. You will 
 return to the office/shop a new you.


 This  class focuses on postures for the spine, the 
 back,  the neck and shoulders and is perfect for the lunch
 break since  it can be done with your street clothes on
 and street shoes off. ( Although we do have  two dressing rooms.)

 Break away from the desk, the office, 
 that space and take a breather, go back refreshed. Your soul
 will love you for it.

  Late arrival , early departure totally okay!

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Evalyn's Tantra Yoga

Learn Internal and external boundaries. Keep
half the focus on your self and half on your
yoga partner. Get to  the deepest stretch in the tandem
yoga working flexibility into your most private
aspects of your life. Learn concentration to
manifest your thoughts outward in a constructive

This class can be attended with or without a partner/friend. 
You may be paired with another student in the class. Learn 
about boundaries in intimate settings, keep the focus on yourself
and your partner instead of giving it all away. Break thru
emotional limitations and intellectual rules. The physical 
benefits are great as well, stretch and limber up in ways not 
accomplished on your own. 

The first part of the class establishes unity in movement in breath and then
we break into partner poses to accomplish inner and outer goals. The class 
concludes with savasanas for couples to experience greater 
intimacy or for singles to 'know Thy Self'.
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Evalyn's TGIF Yoga

Focus on full motion yoga, work your foundation
 ( abs, glutes, quads) get low, get tall, get limber.

Thank God It's Friday is a class that offers the opportunity to: drop away, rev up 
and energize for the weekend thru the oxymoran of energized relaxation.  
Work your core, work your thighs, hips and buttocks and strengthen your back. 
Envigorate and rejuvinate. Limited if any Down Dogs, but work with what 
you have today Class run time 75-90 minutes.This class is a progressive
posture class, anyone from beginners to advanced can attend 
 due to the nature of instruction. No asanas are called out. You are instructed
to move body part by body part.  You stay where you are until you can progress
to the next movement in the intended asana. You will not want to leave the 
studio after this final Savasana!   

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  Evalyn Sorrentino Bio

Evalyn first came to meditation thru yoga at the age of 17 , following Hittleman. She 
continued to study alternative forms of meditation thru her life, increasing the knowledge
of techniques and the time in experimenting with meditation to stop the effects of a 
crippling illness. Thru Yoga studies of Hittlemen, Mikunda Styles and Bikram , 
she increased her yoga practice to develop her own routinse to first relax the mind,
then strengthen the body and then translate to the deeper meditative states necessary
for healing ( the true prayer). She has more than 1000 hours in teaching. 

Evalyn practices the presence , the inifinite way, Living by Grace as taught by
J. Goldsmith and she is a devoted disciple of  ACIM to access the 
Source of the Oneness of Life. She has a cross section of meditative styles
in her 'toolbox' and uses them to teach both yoga and meditation students. 
Her focus is on translating the studio-and-eyes-closed experience to walk 
around outside in the 'eyes opened' world remaining in contact with this 
Source. She is a Reiki Master's Master, Certified Constellation therapist, 
and a long time student of  Goldsmith and ACIM.
"Light Chaser stand still. I AM Here!" 

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     Gloria's Raja Yoga Meditation Class

Not a yoga of poses for the body but concentration
 of the mind.

This class meets the first Monday of every month. 
It is a grouping of Raja I and Raja II. It spans from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Raja yoga is also know as Royal yoga. It is the study and meditation that connects 
to the highest and true identity of a human being. Raja yoga is not physical exercise. 
It is the discovery and contemplation about the highest self. In this journey one 
identifies the innate strengths, your positive qualities/virtues and the lowest points
or weaknesses in personality. When practicing Raja yoga meditation daily the lowest
points vanish and the highest points or positive qualities become stronger in order to 
live in the Peace, Happiness and Bliss. It is a journey of personal development and 
self-transformation.The end result of practicing Raja yoga is that regardless of the 
problem or situation one is in, the elevated consciousness enables one to overcome 
it and to keep and deeply treasure peace, love and happiness in life.

Raja yoga translates to the "highest union' and refers to the level of consciousness 
that places the meditator in touch with the Supreme Being. It enables the practioner 
to put a brake on the rush of thoughts which fill the mind with stress and tension. 
One acquires refined powers of judgement and discrimination so one's actions 
can remain calm in the most chaotic situations. Pre-registration for classes 
is required by calling 603-668-1821 
or emailing 

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Gloria Rodriguez Bio

Gloria has been a Raja yogi for 25 years and a teacher for 21. Each year she 
returns to India for continuing education. She is based in Manchester, NH 
where she teaches Raja Yoga
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Heidi's Classical Yoga

 Gentle Yoga to ease the body of strain and stress.

This class is geared more to beginners, but offers modifications for all levels so
eveyone receives benefits of ther own personal practice. Classes generally begin 
with a brief introduction to Yoga philosophy followed by a balanced sequence of 
asana which varies from class to class. The class ends with both relaxation and 
a short meditation. Holding poses longer allows students to feel the effects both 
spiritually and physically.

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   Heidi Maddock Bio

Heidi's yoga journey started over 20 years ago and has only gotten better over the
A long time student of Lily Sibley of Ocean Spirit Yoga and Julie Rost, Heidi was 
certified in 2008 to teach Classical Yoga by the Yoga Life Institute.

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Jennifer's  Classical Yoga

 Yoga to ease the body of strain and stress.

This class is for almost EVERYONE! Some timid or those with very
limited flexibility may want to attend Gentle Classical Yoga on
alternating Thursdays. The  class will be adjusted to meet the needs
of you, the student. Set your intention, hear  a few words on
philosophy. Conclude with relaxation , perhaps  a short
meditation. Variation in class, structure the same.

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Jennifers extremely Gentle  Classical Yoga

Extremely gentle Yoga to ease the body of strain and stress


Decide what you want from the class and set that intention.
Hear  a few words on Philosophy. Move through gentle deliberate
poses with Jennifer who will assist with offering modifications for
asanas as needed. No downward dogs nor sun salutes.
No inversions nor pressure on wrists. Start seated on the
floor. Forget the stereotype lotus pose (ankles in lap) in
this class.
 We conclude with relaxation and a brief meditation.
Although each class will be different, the structure of the class will remain
ilar. ALL students are welcome!

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 Jennifer Golla Bio

Jennifer was initially drawn to yoga to help manage her anxiety
and stress. She completed her Classical Yoga training at the Yoga
Life Institute in 2011.  When Jennifer is not doing yoga, she enjoys
being outdoors, hiking, running, and spending time with her cats!


Monday Classes


    First Monday 
   is  Gloria's Raja Yoga I and Raja Yoga II
      5:30 to 8:30 , all or a portion   

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     Second Monday 
      The Inner Consciousness Work of 
       Grace Blessings or Presence Meditation
    the offered class is based on registration  6:45 - 7:45

           For Grace Blessings details
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             For Presence Meditation details. 
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            Third  Monday   
               David's Spiritual Warrior Yoga 
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Fourth  Monday 
beginning July 28

  Nancy Frost's  7Pm  Yoga for 
    Balanced Eating   

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 Nancy Frost's Yoga & Balanced Eating

 Loose weight and sustain the loss with learing
 to change your mind and relationship with food.
 Yes, yoga can do that . Learn through the poses
 and  Nancy's talk. 

Yoga helps us become aware of our bodies. We become strong.
  We  learn where we may need care and comfort. We learn what 
  slows us down and what gives us energy. This class offers a way
  to explore how these aspects of yoga relate to balanced eating. The
  class includes some brief conversation  about yoga philosophy and 
  balanced eating, yoga practice and relaxation.  

   Read the blog in association with this practice.

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 Nancy Frost Bio
 I was drawn to yoga about ten years ago. I then studied yoga in 
  more depth completing a 200 hour teacher certification at Yoga 
  Life Institute in Exeter, NH. I found that a daily yoga practice and 
  the understanding of the yoga philosophy helped me eat more 
  mindfully. I developed  these classes. Now I am offering these classes to
  help others   ( yoga students, beginner or experienced) explore
  Yoga and balanced  eating. 

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Nancy (Beach) Vawter's Classical Yoga

 Set a sankalpa, heart felt intention,
 carry it through your class. Get prepared
 for the day with a limber body and mind. 

This class focuses  on the union of mind, body, and
spirit through a meditative flow of asanas or yoga poses.
Each class begins with a short discussion about yoga
philosophies where each student will be asked to create
a personal mantra or intention. Breathing in this intention
into every asana helps to quiet the mind and allows each
student to relax inot each pose. Evary class ends with
relaxation and a brief meditation. Nancy's class focuses on
who is  in the class-- their levels, abilities, and any modifications
that might be needed to get the fullest benefit from the class;
everyone is welcome.

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Nancy (Beach) Vawter's Bio

 The union of mind, body and spirit is what  attracted Nancy to
  yoga before 2004. Yoga brought to her life such a quieting of the
  mind that she was inspired  to go deeper. She received her RYT500
teacher training in Classical Yoga through YogaLifeInstitute.
  When she is not teaching yoga ,Nancy partners in her husband's 
  business and spends as much possible time playing with her two
  golden retrievers.

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One on One Yoga
Give yourself a private lesson

You may think you do yoga corrrectly.
Why not ask a teacher to verify that for
you . You know you have a problem with
a particular pose. Ask a teacher to help you .
You want to improve your practice. Schedule
a one on one....

There are two time slots listed on our schedule which are times the students
and teachers may schedule time thru Evalyn at 
These are reserved for private sessions requested by the 
student of the teacher.  Take your practice deeper. Work on breath,
body or concentrative and balance issues. Discuss philosophy.
The price is the same: by Donation, anonymously in the donation box.

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Open Studio Time  


You know a routine and cannot make our regular
schedule or for whatever reason want to practice
in private. Use our space for a donation. Sign in
on open studio time. 

During these time slots the studio , including mats and all our props are available to 
teachers and students for their personal yoga practice or meditation. All levels are welcomed. 
There is no instructor nor teacher for personal adjustments. You may socialize in the 
anteroom but we ask that you practice in silence in the yoga studio. During this time we 
continue to ask that donations be left in the donation box. All donations are anonymous 
and appreciated.
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Pam's "The Work" of Byron Katie Class 

  The Two hour class time is offered the  first and third Sundays
  beginning 11:00am 

There is no formula for relationships. They must be negotiated
in loving ways.......detail click here :

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Pam Ellen Blodgett Bio

She has attended the School for The Work and is a certified facilitator. She has found that 
it allowed her to find peace with her thoughts adn to no longer let them throw her into 
suffering by stressful thinking. It has been a blessing in her life and she loves to share 
it with the community. 

Pamela is a professor at UNH and runs Coastal Cognitive Resources, a
neurofeedback and personal growth class which includes The Work. She has
been a teacher and counselor for 30 years.

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   Pilot Classes
These classes are offered by YBD as a response to requests from students. The classes are held for two to three weeks. If the class is attended then it will be put on the schedule

Chair Yoga 
                 fill schedule with requests.
This class was offered for the senior who had
               difficulty getting up and down from the floor
               or for those who have osteoporosis, have limited
               leg strength or are wheel chair bound.  It may be 
              introduced again by popular requestreturn to schedule 


    Summer Belly Buster
                          willl return in June 

                            This class begins at 6:45 and focuses 30 minutes 
                             on all core work. Learn Udyana breath and work
                             all muscles in the abdominal structure. The last 
                             minutes are your optional savasana , which overlaps
                             with the beginning of the following class. 
                            This class is offered through Labor Day.

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Rachel's Spiritual Readings

 Need help finding answers to your questions?
 Let Rachel's gift be shared with you to help you
 find your Life Guide...

Spirit has answers... Come on the first Friday of the month at 7pm and get an
answer from a gifted and experienced psychic.  Rachel de Almeida will be
there to address your questions personally. Rachel was born with the gift of 
vision and will help you along your true path. That is the purpose of these 
gatherings.Rachel is a Psychic, Healer and Intuitive Life Guide working in the 
Portsmouth area as well as Eliot, ME.  She has been involved in the pursuit 
of Spiritual Knowledge from a very young age and has studied all her life.

From time to time Rachel will invite a co-host to read with her,

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   Rachel de Almeida Bio



Rachel de Almeida is not JUST a Psychic, Mentor or Laughter Therapist. She is not 
JUST a , Reiki Energy/Shamanic Healer, Certified Life Coach or Intuitive Life Guide, 
Rachel is all of these blended together to give her clients the direction, information 
and guidance they need, to find their own true purpose in life. She takes them on a 
journey to their best possible self as she uses all of her numerous resources so that 
they can have and experience the best life for themselves.

Rachel de Almeida   178 Harold Dow Hwy (rte 236)     Eliot, ME 03904 
603 501 8042
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Sara's Free Spirit Yoga

 Rejuvenate, get ready for the week to come or recuperate
 from the week you had. Learn to find your personal inspiration
 with this yoga class...

Relax and rejuvenate your soul. This class is all about feeing good in your body and freeing your mind. Let your spirit take you on a journey of self-discovery. This class will focus on opening one of seven Chakras each week through a series of poses and postures. Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through. This includes spirituality, intuition/wisdom, self-expression, love/relationships, personal power/self-will, emotional balance and survival. Build a strong body
and healthy mind in this fun yoga class. All levels welcome
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Sara's Power Yoga
This class will run through September 23.

A slightly unpredictable flow geared towards getting you out of your head and onto your mat! I've geared this high movement class towards all levels with options to relax or amp it up. This class incorporates plenty of core and upper body strength. The first 30 minutes will be a continuous flow followed by optional savasana, final relaxation, to get you to your daily schedule on time.
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   Sara Lehmer Bio

Sara is passionate about life, love, traveling and yoga.  She has been practicing yoga for over 6 years, including several months on the Gold Coast of Australia.  She brings experience in a variety of backgrounds including Hatha, Vinyasa, PowerYoga, Bikram and Kripalu Yoga Dance.  Her mission is to encourage people to lead a healthier and more balanced life through the practice of yoga.  When she is not doing yoga, Sara enjoys running, hiking, surfing and being outdoors.

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  Station Yoga 


Teacher not present. You need yoga and do 
 not know a routine. Station yoga is for you...
 offered on occasion or can be by request.


This yoga class is for the independant student or the student who likes the 
   team experience. It can suit everyone. Sometimes we just cannot find a sub and 
   our regularly scheduled teacher has experienced a turn that prevents their
   attendance to class. So rather than interrupt your practice and your studio time 
   it is for those who want yoga and there is no teacher available. The class room
   will be    set up in stations with  pose cards  on each station. They are
   easy to understand.
   Hold the pose for 7 breaths, flow into the next pose; when all the poses
   on the mat have been satisfied move to the next mat. Do only one side of
   the body    on the first round and then circulate again for the second
   round on the opposite    side of the body. When multiple students
   attend each student will take a different starting mat.  

           It is a wonderful opportunity to experience Yoga and the inner voice. 
   It is a wonderful opportunity to move to your own depth and comfort. Try it at
   least once when ever it will be offered. Check the side board for the 
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Substitute Restorative Class
This class is offered by Bob whose Revolutionary yoga is limited to subtle
postures that loosen the body in all major joints with little exertion.
The class is kept to 75 minutes, beginning with a 10 minute relaxation 
period of breath and ending with a long savasana. 

Substitute Teachers

 These are the teachers who may substitute
 when requested. 

Paula Reynolds

Paula was a former manager of YbD, and has years experience
as a  student and teacher of yoga. 

 Noelle Beadling Bio

Noelle has studied yoga since 1999.  She completed her teacher 
training in 2007 through the Yandara Institute in Baja, Mexico.   

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Susan's Shamanic Dreamwork


   Use the dream to get out of stuck, 
  Create a dream to have a vision. Without
  a vision, we perish.... 


The Power of Dreams: Dream Tools for Navigating Your Life
~Death and Continuing On: A Primer in Interdimensionality
~The Mystic Dream Journal

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Whether you are an experienced dreamer who vividly remembers their dreams or someone who is challenged in recalling any dreams, come learn the ancient art of Shamanic Dreamwork and harvest the guidance and healing your dreams bring you nightly. This is powerful and fun! We all dream, every night, whether we remember, or not. You will learn a quick technique for accessing dreams and why you will never want to read a dream dictionary again. Susan also shamanically drums you into a Dream during the second half of the class. Bring a notebook or dream journal if you have one, and your sense of adventure. Please pre-register by 9:00 pm the day before at 860-536-3050 or  email at susan@mysticdreamcenter.com.


Susan Morgan Bio


Susan Morgan is a certified dream teacher, shamanic practitioner,
and author of numerous books including: The Power of Dreams
She is the founder of The Mystic Dream Center which is based in Exeter,
NH though she teaches all over New England. . She is also Native
American.  For more information, check out her web site:

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Tom's Ashtanga 18  

 Strong sun salutation flow followed by
 deep core yoga work. ...

Come practice or learn the initial flow of Ashtanga Yoga, focus on breath, get your heartrate up moving from Mountain to cobra and back again, with many variations in between. This class will consider the beginning 10 and 18 poses of Ashtanga flow as a way of introducing you to the practice to decide if you want to commit to daily routine. It is led by Tom who has been an Ashtanga student for one year.  Beginners are welcomed and able. Props can be used. 
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Tom Sorrentino Bio

Tom came to yoga and meditation 14 years ago, trying to find peace and release from
depression and struggles with life. Beginning with a practice he shared with his wife,
who had been practicing yoga for 35 years , he found his daily practiced helped him 
to move to joy and peace of mind. Now wanting to teach what he needs to learn, 
a deeper Ashtanga Practice, his desire to share helps him find that core of 
Love and kindness within.

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 Very Gentle Yoga 
    to be announced
      This yoga class is meant for the timid or new comer or rehabilitating student.
     There is no wrist or shoulder pressure, no inversions, no knee pressure.
     Props are used to assist whenever needed.
     Instructions are slow and easy to follow. You do not need to
     know the name of the posture, just follow the instructor's voice commands. 


Zoe Manos ,volunteer

Zoe has been a student at Yoga by Donation since May 2013.  She has seen
incredible changes occur in her life as a result of a daily practice.
 New students will recieve thank you eamils from : 

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