Instructors Contact Info

This list includes instructors who lead a regularly scheduled classes at Yoga by Donation.  All yoga instructors practice the art of seva and donate their time to the studio. See our Classes page for how they describe their class.  All our instructors teach multi-level classes which are open to beginners and drop-ins and all end with a relaxation  or meditation. Please let your instructor know of any limitations you hold in performing any yoga poses.  However, within this general framework, each instructor is unique and teaches the style of yoga he or she loves most.  Over time, we hope you will learn to find something of value in each style and embrace that we occasionally sub for each other.  To contact an instructor directly, use these phone numbers and e-mail addresses: 



Bob Vaccaro h 603-430-4013

David Glazebrook  c 617-620-3940

Deborah Levine

c 603-205-4073

Denise Ianacio  w 978 500-1501
Duane Allison c 603-562-5260
Ed Marshall c 603-382-0399
Erica Rock c 603-512-3865

Evalyn Sorrentino

c 207-752-6183
Gail Klanchesser c 603-431-5033
Heidi Maddock h 603 817-2737
Jennifer Golia c 603 953 3386
Mike Dutka c 603 767 5687
 Nancy Frost c 603 817 9062
Nancy ( Beach) Vawter c 603 969 8457
Paula Reynolds c 603 812-3083
PamEllen Blodgette c  603-231-2630     or   
Peter Stekl h 603-783-0349
Rachel de Almeida
c 603-501-8042 or

Sara Lehmer

c  860-227-8903

Susan Morgan c 860-536-3050
Tom Sorrentino

h 207 439 6938

phone calls only please