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Wild Goose Qigong (2nd Sat)

12 Move Wild Goose Qigong

12 Move Wild Goose Qigong 2nd and 4th Saturday, beginning  May 9th 9:15 am 12 Move Wild Goose Qigong form condenses the best of the total 64 moves within the “Wild Goose” style of Qigong. 大 雁 气 功. Wild Goose Qigong (Doyan Qigong) is known for its lovely, graceful, flowing movements which are suggestive of an innocent and carefree wild goose. Discover how Wild Goose … [Read More...]


Announcing Specialized Yoga Classes for you

Announcing  Specialized Yoga classes for you   Announcing specialized yoga classes for you that will target a particular area or particular concern will begin in May. Keep watching the schedule or email for 'announcing specialized yoga classes for you' with your affirmation that you want to register for one or all of these classes. There will be a class for … [Read More...]

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Hoop into Summer Fun, join a waitlist: elevate mood, burn calories, have fun!

Have fun and burn calories, relieve stress, no excuses. You could do it as a child, you cannot do it now? You never could do it? Now you can learn the art of hula hooping. Anyone can with Alex as your teacher. Hula hooping: it’s all in your posture. Hula hooping is a high energy and whimsical activity that will elevate your mood and help keep you fit! Not only does it … [Read More...]

Featured Articles

satya words

Satya Words

Satya Words Satya Words are symbols and carry symbolic energy with them. That Yoga finds words important and laden with energy is no surprise. The Mantra is a word that empowers and liberates. In yoga we also state an intention, with words, albeit, inner words, when we begin the class. We remove all words from our mind that represent thoughts that carry us off the mat and … [Read More]

Love and Forgiveness, the top rung of the spiritual ladder

Love and Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness   Love and forgiveness  do not bargain,  do not keep count. They are not only at the top rung of the Spiritual Ladder , but they are the foundation of the ladder and need to be practiced on each rung.  They are gifts  we need to choose more and more often. Recognize  that the love and forgiveness are ours to give. They defy the rules of the … [Read More]

Spine coin , lower back pain

Spine coin toss lower back pain away

  Spine Coin toss lower back pain away. It is the spine that allows for  Forward or Backward bending motion.  This can be painful if not maintained with constructive habits. When it is painful it becomes the Spine Coin.  Following is what those habits are/can be. In the previous article  we talked about the coin of comparison:  two sides which are  less- than and … [Read More]

yoga comparison, loose the judge, hire the witness

Yoga Comparison: drop the coin

Yoga comparison: drop the coin. In order to drop the coin one needs to be in a higher place. One can find this place on the yoga mat. If the yoga mat is your universe then you will find peace and joy when you practice yoga. You will be able to take what you learned on the mat outside the studio, imagining that your mat is with you wherever you go. One of the teachings … [Read More]

The ladder: discover the spiritual path that leads one out of misery to joy and your unique path.

The Ladder: see the complete way out of misery.

The Ladder: see the complete way out of misery. It is  always present to you. We walk around unconscious in our daily life, operating in a habit determined by what we did yesterday. What we did yesterday determines what what we will do today, and what we will do tomorrow, etc. When we begin to meditate, or just  slow down in our daily life and breathe, we discover … [Read More]

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