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Leigh’s Sunday Sunrise New Class

For those of you who have not yet had an opportunity to go to Leigh’s Sunday Sunrise yoga class, I say, “Too bad, but don’t prolong the delay”. It’s a great class that accommodates those of you who want yoga on Sunday but sometimes have plans that begin at 10am. With Leigh’s class you can do both! Leigh starts off gentle  with stretches to warm you up as … [Read More...]

Two new Classes

Two New Classes Thursday 7pm & Friday 7:30 pm Thursday Night's 7pm class is led by Audrey I. I have had the pleasure of attending her class after the 5:30 restorative. Why not. Restorative got the mind supple and relaxed and the body followed. I thought some deep overall stretching would be great. Audrey's class was just the right solution. She has a yoga … [Read More...]

Pay Online?

Did you know you can pay online or pay with your smart phone? On those days when you do not have cash or don't want to write a check you can pay online to cover the cost of your class. So please donate each time you come to yoga. If you forgot to carry cash use VENMO from your smart phone. It has no added fee. Donate on our home page by pressing the Donate … [Read More...]

Featured Articles

Yoga and weight loss

Yoga and weight loss is a connection most people don’t get. But Yoga and weight loss are natural outcomes for many reasons.You don't have to stress to have weight loss. You don't have to have rapid heart beat to have  weight loss. Most of humans in the western culture put on a few pounds as we age. However we have to seriously look at : reasons why: more … [Read More]

Yoga or yoga?

Yoga or yoga?   There is quite a discussion these days about traditional yoga and modern yoga, Yoga or yoga? Traditional Yoga follows a path of a ladder, or a circular ladder. Modern yoga is purely horizontal and follows one plane that of the material plane. The plane of opposites and duality. Yoga is of the higher plane and so it is capitalized. Yoga rises … [Read More]

Emit Peace

Emit Peace these were the principles set forth  by Martin Luther King. He asked for all supporters to create acts of Peace, allowing the practice of peace to prevail over hate and fear. PRINCIPLE ONE: Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people. It is active nonviolent practice  to evil. It is effortless spirituality, mentality and only compassionate. We … [Read More]


  Simplicity Simple art in Nature: One of the strangest plants of the desert, the night blooming cereus, is a member of the cactus family that resembles nothing more than a dead bush most of the year. It is rarely seen in the wild because of its  inconspicuousness. But for one  midsummer's night, each year, its exquisitely scented … [Read More]

You can’t change your behaviour

You can't change your behaviour but you can change your mind   and then the behaviour follows. As you begin to love your Self and put down the anger you hold toward others you will discover that you actually free yourself. You will begin to feel better as you release the ill feelings toward others which in fact make you ill. As you educate your Self … [Read More]


Forgiveness What is forgiveness? We can answer the question not with words, but with a demonstration of our lives. If we stay tight in the bud, don’t bloom, we have to ask “Why has this flower not opened to the sun?” Why indeed. Could the answer be that we have not blossomed because there is something within us that blocks the sun? Why do 'blind'  people … [Read More]

Thanksgiving Raw Vegan Recipes

Be sure to read the email blast of 11/23 for additional items to add to your menu. But add these in as well.  They are raw. They are vegan. They are sans gluten. They are delicious.  MOCK TURKEY 1 bunch celery 1 green onion parsley to taste 1 C almonds (or pecans) 1 avocado sage to taste In a food processor, puree celery, green onion, and parsley • … [Read More]

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