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Where’s Bob, cont’d……

Arrived in California, to fly home soon. Classes back on with Bob starting Tuesday.  From Colorado, headed west with the camper installed; note the juicery behind them.      Now at a truckstop in Utah: camper and beautiful hills in the background 11/12/15. … [Read More...]

Where’s Bob?

Where's Bob? Each time we get an update we will let you know how the "GWYM" trip is going.  Last sighted taking photos in Michigan of his family while carving pumpkins. 10/30/15   Still in MI: 11/1/15     Novemeber 10:    … [Read More...]

Pilot Class: Joint Freeing Energizing Yoga

Never done yoga? A great class to start. What makes a class a pilot class? It's an idea based upon a teacher's perception and a student's need. Once a slot opens to place it on the schedule it becomes a pilot class. A pilot class needs student's attendance in order to remain constant on the schedule. So come and support this Joint Freeing Energizing Yoga … [Read More...]

Featured Articles

Thanksgiving Raw Vegan Recipes

Be sure to read the email blast of 11/23 for additional items to add to your menu. But add these in as well.  They are raw. They are vegan. They are sans gluten. They are delicious.  MOCK TURKEY 1 bunch celery 1 green onion parsley to taste 1 C almonds (or pecans) 1 avocado sage to taste In a food processor, puree celery, green onion, and parsley • … [Read More]

My Life Manual?

I always wanted to know why, when I was born, I did not recieve my Life Manual. I complained to people, "they should have given me a manual when I was born to let me know this thing would happen". I would say, "How come no one ever told me this?" I would ask " Wasn't that the job of my mother, my father to inform me?" Where is my life Manual? I would find my way … [Read More]

Where we are going….

In case you missed it, if you were a part of it , if you still want to join:   There is a movement going on in this world of beginning to let go of the material driven life. This is done merely by seeking balance in one’s life. Learning how to feel and learning that defensiveness and criticism is not the way. Don’t you want to be part of the movement … [Read More]

Love Knots

Love Knots   What exactly are love knots? If you have a knot it is not love; knots are blockages to love. They are gates for which our work is to open the gates. In yoga a knot is called a granthi. We as human bodies have three granthi.  I will refer to them in a metaphor as gates. I prefer the word gates to knots. Love Knots are so tangled and can appear … [Read More]

walks we take in life

walks we take in life  There are many walks we take in life.We move from crawling as a babe to our first steps and then we practice walking for the first time realizing we can move about freely. We don’t want to be carried when our energy is high. As we grow older we walk to and from situations, we walk for pleasure and enjoyment, we walk away from situations until … [Read More]

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