Senior Warrior 5:30 pm Monday
                                           Step 11 Yoga 7:15 am   Friday    


                Welcome to 
                                  Yoga by Donation
                         147 Congress St, Ste C, 2nd Floor
                       in Downtown Portsmouth, NH 03801


                             Launched on January 1, 2009 by a longtime Portsmouth resident

                             and yoga teacher, Bob Vaccaro, Yoga by Donation is an extraordinary"
                             yoga and  healing studio with the mission of offering  classes for  all,
                             regardless of financial or physical abilities. With no set or even suggested
                             fees, we are supported 100% by  anonymous student donations ; all are

                             With over 15 extraordinary instructors who volunteer their time,
                             we offer over 30 regularly-scheduled classes each week - all are
                             multi-level and open to beginners and drop-ins. . Though on the
                             second floor we are an handi- capped-accessible studio
                             (see photos) we are  all-wool carpeted and our offered heavy relaxation
                             blankets are all-cotton.  Our wall sconces are on dimmers, our waiting room
                             is sound-insulated from the studio and includes two changing
                            rooms;  two unisex bathrooms are a few steps down the hall near
                            the elevator. 

                            We offer hatha yoga, kripalu yoga, pre-natal, Revolutionary* yoga, 
                            restorative , tantra ,transitional, Step 11 yoga,  yoga nidra, energy healings
                            and other deep spiritual and healing workshops.

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                              "Thank you so much for offering yoga by donation.  I have been wanting
                                to do yoga for a while, and now I can!" - Jeff Bernhardt

                              "The studio is warm and welcoming and I appreciate the lack of
                                talk and concern about tickets, passes and money.  I admire your
                                commitment and sincere attempt to make Yoga a way of life for
                                all who know its value." 
 - Karen Seleb

                             "I am delighted to teach at Yoga by Donation and proud to be
                               part of a yoga studio that anyone can attend." - Abby Gaul

                              For more student and teacher testimonials, click here.

               Clothing, Perfumes, 
Mats and Serious Illness
                   Please wear clothing that is readily available to you, comfortable and loose-fitting.  
                   Students wear shorts, tights, sweats or baggy pants of all types.  Barefoot is
                   recommended but not required; we do ask that you take shoes off and leave
                   them in the waiting room.  Please no perfumes, colognes or candles of any type,
                   as some students have severe allergic reactions to them.  We have plenty of mats
                   available to loan and we also provide mat storage for students who want to
                   leave their mats at the studio.

                  Remember: it is the student's responsibility NOT to come to class if you have a
                  bad cold, flu or serious illness which can be readily transmitted to your fellow yogis! 


Yoga by Donation - Balanced Workout and Breathing Yoga Classes | Portsmouth, NH
Let your stress float away after taking yoga classes at our studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
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