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Follow us on Instagram Yoga by Donation is now on Instagram so follow us on instagram. Look for yoga_bob . We will be sending out news about new classes, winter advisories and inspiring photos about our teachers. So Follow us on Instagram.  Look for yoga_bob … [Read More...]

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  Yoga by Donation, since 2009. Help us continue to 2019. Contribute to our  501 (c) (3) campaign.   We need funds to establish Yoga by Donation as a NonProfit on the state level and on the federal level. This will enable us to receive charitable contributions from benefactors. Without we may not be able to continue. In 2015's January, February and … [Read More...]

Featured Articles

Emit Peace

Emit Peace these were the principles set forth  by Martin Luther King. He asked for all supporters to create acts of Peace, allowing the practice of peace to prevail over hate and fear. PRINCIPLE ONE: Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people. It is active nonviolent practice  to evil. It is effortless spirituality, mentality and only compassionate. We … [Read More]


  Simplicity Simple art in Nature: One of the strangest plants of the desert, the night blooming cereus, is a member of the cactus family that resembles nothing more than a dead bush most of the year. It is rarely seen in the wild because of its  inconspicuousness. But for one  midsummer's night, each year, its exquisitely scented … [Read More]

You can’t change your behaviour

You can't change your behaviour but you can change your mind   and then the behaviour follows. As you begin to love your Self and put down the anger you hold toward others you will discover that you actually free yourself. You will begin to feel better as you release the ill feelings toward others which in fact make you ill. As you educate your Self … [Read More]


Forgiveness What is forgiveness? We can answer the question not with words, but with a demonstration of our lives. If we stay tight in the bud, don’t bloom, we have to ask “Why has this flower not opened to the sun?” Why indeed. Could the answer be that we have not blossomed because there is something within us that blocks the sun? Why do 'blind'  people … [Read More]

Thanksgiving Raw Vegan Recipes

Be sure to read the email blast of 11/23 for additional items to add to your menu. But add these in as well.  They are raw. They are vegan. They are sans gluten. They are delicious.  MOCK TURKEY 1 bunch celery 1 green onion parsley to taste 1 C almonds (or pecans) 1 avocado sage to taste In a food processor, puree celery, green onion, and parsley • … [Read More]

My Life Manual?

I always wanted to know why, when I was born, I did not recieve my Life Manual. I complained to people, "they should have given me a manual when I was born to let me know this thing would happen". I would say, "How come no one ever told me this?" I would ask " Wasn't that the job of my mother, my father to inform me?" Where is my life Manual? I would find my way … [Read More]

Where we are going….

In case you missed it, if you were a part of it , if you still want to join:   There is a movement going on in this world of beginning to let go of the material driven life. This is done merely by seeking balance in one’s life. Learning how to feel and learning that defensiveness and criticism is not the way. Don’t you want to be part of the movement … [Read More]

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