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Summer Schedule-Changes

Summer Schedule Changes   Please check our weekly or monthly schedule regularly. You will some classes slip away. You will some classes change times. And you will see some new trial classes placed on the schedule. These are frequently referred to as Pilot Classes and are usually highlighted in yellow. The upcoming changes are : Monday Noon class will be an … [Read More...]

may pilot classes

May Pilot Classes for Cross Training

May Pilot Classes for Cross Training   May Pilot Classes for Cross Training. A synopsis presented here - Yoga for Cyclists--- Yoga for Runners and Hikers---(offered twice) Yoga for Back Care--- ( Offered twice) Breathe to Awaken--- Camel Vinyasa--- The above is presented for your convenience.  Please note that there are several pilot classes being offered … [Read More...]

Wild Goose Qigong (2nd Sat)

12 Move Wild Goose Qigong

12 Move Wild Goose Qigong 2nd and 4th Saturday, beginning  May 9th 9:15 am 12 Move Wild Goose Qigong form condenses the best of the total 64 moves within the “Wild Goose” style of Qigong. 大 雁 气 功. Wild Goose Qigong (Doyan Qigong) is known for its lovely, graceful, flowing movements which are suggestive of an innocent and carefree wild goose. Discover how Wild Goose … [Read More...]

Featured Articles

authentic yoga

Authentic Yoga

Authentic Yoga In authentic yoga (not a traditional term) “I have unrolled or unfolded my yoga mat. I am waiting for class to begin. I ask ‘What shall I do now?’ ” Rather than chat with your friend or mat neighbor, take the time to be quiet.  One could breathe deeply, in a comfortable sitting asana. One could lie down on one’s back and watch the rise and fall of the … [Read More]

intention motivation karma

Intention Motivation Karma

Intention Motivation Karma There is a great sufi poem about the topic, Intention Motivation  Karma Yoga. Even  After  All this time  The Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look  What happens  With a love like that,  It lights the whole sky It does not matter what philosophy, what religion you follow. There is a common thread that operates in all of … [Read More]


Shelley Snodgrass

 Shelley Snodgrass Shelley Snodgrass is an artist, runner and yogini. I first heard of Shelley as a result of a gallery  promotional art page left at YbD. I was quite impressed with the image. Since the Gallery was in Kittery I and another yogini friend of mine, walked to Just Us Chickens, the Gallery, across the bridge and down the road a piece.  It turns out that … [Read More]

yoga sting2

Find Peace on Your Mat

Find Peace on Your Mat   So you just had a yoga class. Ten minutes after you are out of the studio you lose your glow  or become anxious and agitated you. What went wrong? You  are not finding your peace on your mat. So what can you do the next time so the feeling sticks? Find Peace on your mat? We want you to find peace on your mat. After all the yoga mat is … [Read More]

satya words

Satya Words

Satya Words Satya Words are symbols and carry symbolic energy with them. That Yoga finds words important and laden with energy is no surprise. The Mantra is a word that empowers and liberates. In yoga we also state an intention, with words, albeit, inner words, when we begin the class. We remove all words from our mind that represent thoughts that carry us off the mat and … [Read More]

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