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Charity driven Budget Christmas Shopping

Charity driven Budget Christmas Shopping . Don't get crazy with credit cards nor with the addictive process of deal hunting. Right across the bridge is a retail store that looks like a chic boutique inside. Go inside and see. Everything from beautifully displayed jewelry to unblemished furniture. Fabulous Find is  a great store located on Highway State 1. Just … [Read More...]

Missed October Rent for the first time ever

October was the first month we did not raise enough to pay the rent. As a 501-c-3 we need to meet our fiscal needs. We have no suggested fees today. But read on to see what $1, $5 and $10 or more can do for us at YbD. You must donate something , though, whether it is treasure, or time. We can always use the 1/2 hour of work to organize and keep the … [Read More...]

Goal: To be loving to my baby and my Self

Goal:to be loving to my baby at times when the situation is not the best. Goal: to keep my emotions and disaster scenarios under control and let my logical loving heart be compassionate and understanding. Goal: To be able to relieve the stress rather than to add to it. Mindful Motherhood Series to Begin Nov 6. This Workshop Series is A Series for better Mothering … [Read More...]

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Have you met Victoria Bean yet?

Have you attended the Tuesday 9:15 am class? Have you met Victoria Bean yet? She has a very positive view on life. She is easing into the yoga way of life. She chooses healthier eating. Victoria studies and applies the yogic philosophy and shares this with her students. Yoga is like water, flowing and easy and she wants to help you be flowing and easy as … [Read More]

Happy Hour Drink Alternatives

Happy Hour Drink Alternatives explores the ideas of enjoying the flavorful drinks of our unhealthy history. Through the exploration we pick out the key flavors that satisfy and therefore redesign or redux the standard recipe. Last week during Happy Hour Yoga we blended an INCREDIBLY FLAVORFUL PINA COLADA substitute, non alcoholic and fantastically flavorful . … [Read More]

Eliminate Stress: Shop Rejection

Eliminate Stress shop Rejection even failure can all create stress and illness. Holiday flus and colds are usually the result of stress. All under our  control, believe it or not.  Eliminate Stress shop rejection even failure can be used by understanding what stress is. Simple and pure understanding. Stress is the conflict that results when our thoughts … [Read More]

Relax be given the gifts of Yoga

Being relaxed can help ease stress; relax be given the gifts of yoga . It can also relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. To relax means to first calm the mind then the body follows. All effects are shown in the body. The cause is always the mind. Yoga is a way , actually the translation of Yoga is "Joining" , joining mind breath and body. So Yoga … [Read More]

Yoga and weight loss

Yoga and weight loss is a connection most people don’t get. But Yoga and weight loss are natural outcomes for many reasons.You don't have to stress to have weight loss. You don't have to have rapid heart beat to have  weight loss. Most of humans in the western culture put on a few pounds as we age. However we have to seriously look at : reasons why: more … [Read More]

Yoga or yoga?

Yoga or yoga?   There is quite a discussion these days about traditional yoga and modern yoga, Yoga or yoga? Traditional Yoga follows a path of a ladder, or a circular ladder. Modern yoga is purely horizontal and follows one plane that of the material plane. The plane of opposites and duality. Yoga is of the higher plane and so it is capitalized. Yoga rises … [Read More]

Emit Peace

Emit Peace these were the principles set forth  by Martin Luther King. He asked for all supporters to create acts of Peace, allowing the practice of peace to prevail over hate and fear. PRINCIPLE ONE: Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people. It is active nonviolent practice  to evil. It is effortless spirituality, mentality and only compassionate. We … [Read More]

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